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  Strengthening Families In China: What We Have In Common

In the spring of this year I was approached by an American woman who does service work in China, and asked if I would go to Beijing, China to help strengthen families there. This woman had been speaking to some government officials and asking how she could help China, and they said that they were worried about their families. Specifically, they asked if she could bring someone over who could teach people how to strengthen families.

To make a long story short, I was asked if I would go do this teaching for the Chinese people. Going to China to teach is no small task, so we considered carefully. After feeling it was the right thing to do for the Chinese people we agreed to go. However, then we had a new problem; money for the trip.

The offer for someone like me to come over was made in good will, and no money was expected to pay my way. I still felt I should go, but didn’t know how I was going to afford it. (At this part of telling the story I get tears in my eyes.) People, some I know and some I don’t, offered donations to help me fund the trip when they found out I was going on a good will tour.

By nothing short of a miracle, we raised the money for the trip just in time to go. Thank you everyone.

The Trip

While in China we presented our material about creating happy, strong families Continue reading

Austrailia Sees LDS Television Show

I recently recieved the comment below from an M* friend in Austrailia.  Apparently The World’s Strictest Parents Utah has aired in Austrailia finally.  The BBC in Britain told me a while ago that only our episode was bought by other television stations in other countries because of it’s popularity.  They said our episode was the most watched episode ever on the BBC and it was up for an English television award as well.  This made it a show the rest of the world was interested in seeing too. 

The BBC specifically mentioned that Austrailia had bought the show months ago, but I didn’t know when it would air.  Apparently, it just happened.  It is so exciting to see the Lord’s hand in this project.  Our family feels blessed to have been apart of this mission to strengthen families around the world.  And, we absolutely LOVE the friends we have made and heard from around the world as well.  That is probably one of the best parts of it all for us. 

The Comment

Nicholeen, your episode of “World’s Strictest Parents” has just aired here in Australia. I Continue reading

Family Goals -The Best and The Worst

      Each week our family has family meetings, or family councils.  We use this time to check up on the family; on how well we are maintaining the right spirit of the home, and on how well our family is using it’s system of family government. 

     During a recent family meeting we decided to discuss how our family did during the past year.  We each took turns recounting the three best things and the three worst things which happened to each person during the past year.  At first Continue reading

Frustration When Friends Are Over -Working Out Disagreements

     One day my daughter had one of her best friends over to play while her mom and I visited upstairs. They had only been playing for about 45 minutes when her friend came up from the basement in tears to see her mother. She and my daughter were having a hard time and neither of them felt understood by the other.

     My friend tried to comfort her daughter and give her suggestions on solving the problem but her daughter said, “Mom, I tried to talk to her about it but she won’t listen to me.”

      Clearly these girls did not know how to handle this situation alone so I knew that Continue reading

A Strict Parent

In January 2009, the interviewer from the BBC Britain asked me if I thought I was a strict parent.  I have never liked the word strict, because I have associated it with a parent who yells a lot, is stern looking and engages in power struggles.  So, in response to the question, I said, “I wouldn’t use the word strict to describe me, but I would say I am firm.”

I shared my thoughts about the word strict with a wise friend of mine.  She looked me in the eye and said, “You are wrong about people who are strict.  A strict parent DOESN’T HAVE TO YELL.”

All of the sudden I wondered if the semantics of the word strict have been changed in recent years.

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