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I recently recieved the comment below from an M* friend in Austrailia.  Apparently The World’s Strictest Parents Utah has aired in Austrailia finally.  The BBC in Britain told me a while ago that only our episode was bought by other television stations in other countries because of it’s popularity.  They said our episode was the most watched episode ever on the BBC and it was up for an English television award as well.  This made it a show the rest of the world was interested in seeing too. 

The BBC specifically mentioned that Austrailia had bought the show months ago, but I didn’t know when it would air.  Apparently, it just happened.  It is so exciting to see the Lord’s hand in this project.  Our family feels blessed to have been apart of this mission to strengthen families around the world.  And, we absolutely LOVE the friends we have made and heard from around the world as well.  That is probably one of the best parts of it all for us. 

The Comment

Nicholeen, your episode of “World’s Strictest Parents” has just aired here in Australia. I watch it because I like to see how different parents handle difficult kids. Of all the episodes I’ve watched I thought you and Spencer, hands down, handled the situation beautifully. How on earth you two managed to stay so calm I don’t know but it was riveting to watch.

A lot of the episodes don’t feature the host family’s children (they are kept off screen) and what a revelation they were. When Hannah was in the midst of boasting of her conquests with boys at 12, I was very moved by your daughter’s gentle but firm assertions that such actions were not needed. I wish I had that discipline and quiet confidence at her age. Alas, that took me a good 20 years to learn.

Thank you for reminding me of what truly matters (and what we often allow to go missing in our lives). Image is a sandcastle. The rock is family and relationships.

Your episode truly made an impact.

My Reply

Thank you so much for your kind comments.  Making The World’s Strictest Parents Utah episode was a great experience! At first we didn’t want to do the show when they asked us, but then we were really impressed that our family was somehow “meant” to do the show.  At that point we just acted even though we thought we might be crazy for doing so.  The show was Masterfully edited, and kept real and honest.  We were happy about that.  There was only one quote by the narrator that I felt was not true.  Other than that, that was our life that week. 

I only wish the viewers could have seen the other 179 hours of footage.  They would have seen so many inspiring, life-changing moments.  I will never forget when James asked me to teach him how to pray.  His first prayer was so special, simple, and powerful.  It was also a key moment for him because it helped him know that if he sincerely asked for help, he would get it.  He came up to me and said, “Nicholeen my prayer really worked.  I only thought about smoking one time this whole day!” 

About being calm.  I made a rule for myself years ago.  I will not talk to other people unless it is done calmly.  Aggressive communication never solves problems, it usually just makes more.  Since we made that commitment and our children know about that commitment they also know that in order to be heard by us, they need to get calm too. 

Calm doesn’t happen over night, it is a gradual process of much practicing, but when achieved it is the crowning jewel of self-government. 

Your last statement “Thank you for reminding me of what truly matters (and what we often allow to go missing in our lives). Image is a sandcastle. The rock is family and relationships.”  really touched me.  You are right.  That is the theme in our home and was what we wanted the theme of the show to be if we were doing it.  I am so happy you found it.  🙂  My family is not perfect, but we have perfect intentions.  We know what we want and talk about how we are doing on what we want and deliberately practice skills which help us achieve our vision.  These deliberate actions are really the only thing that separates us from anyone else.  Other than that the world just saw a regular LDS loving family. 

Thank you again for taking the time to write such a great review. 


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  2. Nicholeen, I truly feel you have inspired a large group of parents and children through this show and your other efforts. Keep up the good work!

  3. There was only one quote by the narrator that I felt was not true.

    Can I guess which one it was? 😉

    I appreciate hearing that the edits weren’t a forced image of what really happened behind the scenes. I felt that they truly had had a life-changing experience, but I’ve heard reality shows can be pretty beefed up, so thanks for sharing that there was actually more good that happened in those 10 days.

  4. Nicholeen, I remember back when the show first came out in the US. I thought the posts you wrote subsequent to that actually fleshed things out really well, and the thing that stuck with me was how much you respected and appreciated the film crew who were shadowing you and how decent they were.

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