Sacrament Meeting Does That.

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I remember when I was very small—maybe four or five, sitting on a cushioned chapel bench and staring up into Mama’s face during the Sacrament prayer. Her face looked very serious, and her lips moved in sync with the words the priest spoke. Always. I asked her why she did that. She told me it helped her think about the words that were being spoken. As she sat with her head bowed and eyes closed throughout the passing of the bread and water, I thought about the words she had spoken.

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Austrailia Sees LDS Television Show

I recently recieved the comment below from an M* friend in Austrailia.  Apparently The World’s Strictest Parents Utah has aired in Austrailia finally.  The BBC in Britain told me a while ago that only our episode was bought by other television stations in other countries because of it’s popularity.  They said our episode was the most watched episode ever on the BBC and it was up for an English television award as well.  This made it a show the rest of the world was interested in seeing too. 

The BBC specifically mentioned that Austrailia had bought the show months ago, but I didn’t know when it would air.  Apparently, it just happened.  It is so exciting to see the Lord’s hand in this project.  Our family feels blessed to have been apart of this mission to strengthen families around the world.  And, we absolutely LOVE the friends we have made and heard from around the world as well.  That is probably one of the best parts of it all for us. 

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Parenting Discipline ~Another Perspective

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where you go, go, go?  On these days there are lots of places to get to, you are always running late and your children seem to be grumpy, whiny, and aggressive.  You don’t know if you’ll ever master getting out the door with a smile on your face and everyone in a good mood. 

At the ends of days like these we plop on the couch grateful that there is finally quiet in the house and still some chocolate ice cream in the freezer.  We hope the children will give us at least two hours of good sleep and that we might be able to actually check something off or our to-do list before we get to ‘turn in.’  These are the days we can’t wait to finish. 

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Children Arguing ~ How To Teach a Different Way

“Waaaahaaaaa!” My five-year-old son Porter was screaming on the other side of the family room. He held on to a shoe belonging to Paije, his much older sister, as she tried to wrench it away from his grasp. I looked over just in time to see this but before I could say anything, Paije grabbed the first shoe away from Porter and reached for its twin, still attached to his foot.

“Give me the shoe, Porter!” Paije ordered as Porter let out another wail.

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