Family TV Watching: Parenting Tip

watching-television1“I came across your ideas on the LDSEHE website, and have been so inspired by all of it.  I’m starting to read your book, hoping to fill in a few holes.  I really like your idea for Friday family movie nights as your one source of TV.  How do you make selections for that night?  Do you have a list of movies you would recommend?” -Grateful Parent

You are right.  We have a family TV watching policy to help our family not get bound by television.  Our policy is that we don’t watch TV unless it is a movie on Friday family movie night.  Olympics and Church General Conference Programs are excluded in this policy.  Continue reading

Calm In A Hurry? ~ Parenting Help

The opposite of calm is hurry.  If you feel like you have to hurry all the time, then you will never be calm.  Also, if you feel like you have to hurry through your teaching interactions with your children then you will also have a harder time staying calm.  Don’t let your desire for being efficient ruin your ability to be calm.   William Jordan, the great philosopher  said:

The first sermon in the world was preached at the Creation. It was a
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Parenting Discipline ~Another Perspective

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where you go, go, go?  On these days there are lots of places to get to, you are always running late and your children seem to be grumpy, whiny, and aggressive.  You don’t know if you’ll ever master getting out the door with a smile on your face and everyone in a good mood. 

At the ends of days like these we plop on the couch grateful that there is finally quiet in the house and still some chocolate ice cream in the freezer.  We hope the children will give us at least two hours of good sleep and that we might be able to actually check something off or our to-do list before we get to ‘turn in.’  These are the days we can’t wait to finish. 

I have felt those days too.  Continue reading

Family Goals -The Best and The Worst

      Each week our family has family meetings, or family councils.  We use this time to check up on the family; on how well we are maintaining the right spirit of the home, and on how well our family is using it’s system of family government. 

     During a recent family meeting we decided to discuss how our family did during the past year.  We each took turns recounting the three best things and the three worst things which happened to each person during the past year.  At first Continue reading