LDS Families – Making Home an MTC

For years now our family has had one focus;to be the kind of family who lives each day with spiritual purpose.  We deliberately do all kinds of things like have daily devotionals and family council meetings, weekly PPIs.  A family mission statement isn’t  just a good idea to us, it is something we use to keep our family focused on progressing as a group toward the missions God has prepared for each of us.  We talk about everything and every feeling.  If we feel the Spirit leave our home every member of the family has been taught to bring it to the family’s attention and to pray and sing a song to invite it back into the home. 

If we are driving to the store and children start to argue, we stop, discuss, pray and sing until we feel the Spirit so that we can go out into the world carrying a feeling that will be different, warm, and inviting.  This is the way we live to keep the Spirit and to stay focused on our responsibility to spread goodness and light to the world. 

Each member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been asked to be a missionary. Continue reading

Family Goals -The Best and The Worst

      Each week our family has family meetings, or family councils.  We use this time to check up on the family; on how well we are maintaining the right spirit of the home, and on how well our family is using it’s system of family government. 

     During a recent family meeting we decided to discuss how our family did during the past year.  We each took turns recounting the three best things and the three worst things which happened to each person during the past year.  At first Continue reading