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Joyce is a mother, wife, sister, school teacher, Bulgarian speaker, conservative, lover of good music, social media junky and a two time culinary arts Grand Champion bread baker. She and the family reside in a remote mountain community where great discoveries have been made. When not changing the world, she enjoys the occasional bowl of chips and salsa. She can be found at: http://pinterest.com/TheAtomicMom

Christmas Music: What Christmas Is All About

My favorite Christmas movie/show is the Charlie Brown Christmas.  I know you love it too.  One of the best things about this show is the music done by the one and only Vince Guaraldi Trio   Who didn’t get excited when Linus & Lucy started to play on the radio when they were a kid?

The best part of the show is when Charlie Brown is frustrated and at his lowest point.  He asks Linus what Christmas is all about.

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Christmas Music: The Good Years

Being a child of the 70s, I was raised right! By that, I mean, my parents who grew up in the 50s and 60s had lots of good music in the house, on vinyl. My mom had quite the record collection, which included many of the Goodyear Christmas albums. Why did a tire company sell Christmas records? For the same reason companies sell stuff today today, to make money. Every year from 1961 to 1977, the Goodyear company would produce these holiday records and sell them in their stores. I don’t know how my mom got a hold of them, but we had them all growing up. It was a treat to stay up late on a a weeknight and listen to records during the Christmas Season. Thankfully we have the miracle of youtube and someone has created a channel with old Christmas records.

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Christmas Music 2020: Starlight

In 2018, I did a series of posts about Christmas music. It was a fun activity for me and really helped me enjoy the Christmas season.

This year, more than ever we need the healing power of music. My mother passed away earlier this year, and I have not been able to listen to music since her passing without being sad. Someone shared this song with me recently, and I was able to listen without feeling sad about Mom’s passing and I’ve been able to listen to other music in the last few days and enjoy it without feeling her absence. I’m sharing it with our readers in the hope that it lifts someone up today.

If you have a favorite Christmas song let me know in the comments and I’ll share it in the coming weeks. Merry Christmas this year. We need it more than ever.

#GiveThanks: The Miracle of the Flour

I’ve kind of hesitated to participate in the #givethanks challenge. Mostly because I hate doing whatever the crowd is doing, and I don’t want to be trite in my gratitude. I’ve been thinking about what I could share that’s not shallow.

In the early days of the pandemic and shut down, when the store shelves were really bare of everything, I was quite worried how to feed my family. With moving two years before, a broken foot, and then my husband and I both losing a parent in a short time period, I just had let our pantry and food storage get really low. Week after week there was no bread in our store and I was starting panic. With a food allergy kid anything that comes from a commercial bakery is going to be unsafe to eat. There are two kinds of commercially produced bread Kroger sells that my son can eat. I was also down to my very last bag of flour and half-jar of yeast, so even baking bread was going to be problematic.

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