About Joyce Anderson

Joyce is a mother, wife, sister, school teacher, Bulgarian speaker, conservative, lover of good music, social media junky and a two time culinary arts Grand Champion bread baker. She and the family reside in a remote mountain community where great discoveries have been made. When not changing the world, she enjoys the occasional bowl of chips and salsa. She can be found at: http://pinterest.com/TheAtomicMom

Reaching Out and Connecting

Recently I had a conversation with someone from church. This person remarked that so many families in our ward were struggling with the pressures of life under Covid. I responded, yes, it’s been hard for our family too. This person was shocked. “Your family is having a hard time with all of this?” Um, yes we are?!?! Everyone is. “But you guys are so strong!” Maybe we’re strong, and maybe we’re not, but we’re just really good at putting our party face on and not spilling our beans all over social media (because let’s face it, your social feeds are already too dramatic and you don’t want my drama too). But yes, our family has had its problems over this Covid year, and I have often thought sometimes “the one” is hiding right there in the middle of the ninety-and-nine.

The other day I ran into an old friend in the grocery store, whom I had not seen since before Covid started. She reached out and grabbed me and just hugged me tight. Normally, I’m not a hugger. I don’t even like hugging family or close friends. But this was different. I realized in that embrace how much I have missed people — and this is a lot coming from me, as I’m usually fine to do things on my own. I miss people, in person. Of course I’m thankful for the technology that let me get my temple recommend renewed from the comfort of my living room and I’m thankful we have the vast Church media network that has allowed us to stay connected to our leadership. I’m even thankful for social media, as horrid as it can be sometimes, that lets us keep in contact with each other. But I miss seeing faces, hearing belly laughs, and reaching out to grab on to people.

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Mother’s Day 2021

I was asked to speak in my ward on Sunday for Mother’s Day. I actually like pubic speaking and enjoy preparing talks. However, this talk was particularly hard to write. All week I felt the pressure to be perfect and to give a perfect talk or risk offending someone in the ward. Throw in some social media drama (not of my making) and I was on my way to a nervous breakdown by Saturday night. I prayed a lot to try and find some peace and I had a break through on what to talk about and how to say it. “Just testify of the gospel and share your testimony for the uplifting of the sisters in your ward who are struggling with heavy burdens.”

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2021 BYU Women’s Conference

Hey there, just coming up for air from the homeschool/crisis schooling/pandemic trenches to fill everyone in on this year’s BYU Women’s Conference.

This year’s Conference will be fully online. There are sessions that are “complementary” meaning you do not have to register to watch them, and sessions that will be behind a paywall. The keynote speaker this year is our favorite and most loved Sherri Dew. Right now her talk is available to be viewed in front of the paywall until April 29th, after which, you have to have a Conference ticket to view.

Click over to the BYU Women’s Conference site HERE, to see Sister Dew’s talk (on the right sidebar in a very tiny player), and to find out more about this year’s Conference.

I know you are praying as much as me that next our faces will be free, the Covid Wars will be over, and we can all enjoy a BYU brownie on campus and enjoy Women’s Conference together, in person.

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