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Joyce is a mother, wife, sister, school teacher, Bulgarian speaker, conservative, lover of good music, social media junky and a two time culinary arts Grand Champion bread baker. She and the family reside in a remote mountain community where great discoveries have been made. When not changing the world, she enjoys the occasional bowl of chips and salsa. She can be found at: http://pinterest.com/TheAtomicMom

Defending Our Divinely Inspired Constitution

Happy Constitution Day fellow Americans. It’s rough out there these days, but we have these words from Pres. Oaks to lift us up.

Read the Constitution HERE. If you are in the Washington DC area, you can stop by the National Archives. Today is the one day of the year they will have the whole Constitution out on display.

When I was still teaching, I’d have my students learn this song to help them learn the Preamble to the Constitution. And yes, even cool high school seniors loved it.

Twenty Years Later

As I sit here late on a Friday night, the night before the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks there is a lot going thru my mind.

As we’ve weathered the last 18 months of our Covid year(s) I have finally grown weary of most of the rhetoric online and in the media, the fighting I see among friends, and the general rancor and invective that seems to permeate most corners of life these days. I’ve been spending more time off-line (listening to audio books, more to come!), on purpose so that I don’t end up in dark places in my mind. I’m already grumpy enough as it is, and I’m trying to live life such that I don’t say things I have to apologize for the next day. You’re welcome.

My thoughts this week have turned to that fateful September morning in 2001 when I watched in horror in my family room as the Twin Towers collapsed and the world changed forever. It would be a few weeks later that I found out someone I knew had died in the North Tower that morning, leaving a wife and three teenaged children widowed and orphaned. His death, and all of the deaths that day have always caused me to stop and reflect on mortality and to ask myself if I am making the most of my days.

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The Mask Is Off: They Are Coming for Your Children

I bet you thought this was going to be a post about Covid and mask wearing. Sorry to disappoint. It’s not about either of those things. If you were not online yesterday for about a three hour window you missed a video that was quite stunning and frank with honesty produced by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir titled, “We’re Coming For Your Children.”

In this video two soloists sing about how “they” will be coming for your children to indoctrinate them with the “gay agenda”, with the result being that your kids will turn out to be more “inclusive and open”. They also promise in the song that “they” will introduce your kids, to things you don’t want them to see online. They will also teach your kids things you’ve “tried to hide” from them. The mask is off. According to the song lyrics if you’re not fully accepting, and celebratory of the “gay agenda” you’re a hater, homophobic etc. etc.

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What Happened to the Declaration Signers?

Growing up I enjoyed listening to Paul Harvey on the radio. His stories were always interesting and his voice was, and still is comforting.

Here is Mr. Harvey teaching us what actually happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Mr. Harvey points out that, “They were not poor men. They were not wild eyed pirates. These were men of means. They were rich men most of them, and had enjoyed much ease and luxury in their personal living. Not hungry men, certainly not terrorists, not irresponsible malcontents, not fanatical incendiaries, These men were prosperous men, wealthy land owners. They were substantially secure in their prosperity. They had everything to lose, but they considered liberty so much more important than security. They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, and they fulfilled their pledge. They paid the price, and freedom was born.”

The trouble with claiming 1 in 5 Latter-day Saints is nonheterosexual

Millennial Star contriubutor Jacob Hess had an opinion piece published in the Deseret News yesterday.

From the article we read:

In 2014, a study appeared in the prestigious journal Science that made almost immediate waves in the national conversation with its conclusion that a mere 20-minute conversation with a gay canvasser telling a personal, heart-felt story led to persistent changes in attitudes — as confirmed by nine-month follow-ups.

When Jon Krosnick, a Stanford social psychologist, was contacted for comment, his response was, “Gee, that’s very surprising and doesn’t fit with a huge literature of evidence. It doesn’t sound plausible to me.”

Nonetheless, a feature piece ran in The New York Times the same week the study posted — the first of many similar commentaries. And the following spring, the radio program “This American Life” amplified these “groundbreaking” findings. Summarizing the cumulative effects of this single study, journalist Jesse Singal states, “It rerouted countless researchers’ agendas, inspired activists to change their approach to voter outreach, generated shifts in grant funding, and launched follow-up experiments.”

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