What I Learned in Primary: The Covenant Path

I teach the CTR-7 Primary class in my ward. I’ve taught this class several times over the years, and these 7 year olds turning 8 are always a hoot.

Today’s lesson was on Lehi’s Vision of the Tree of Life.  I let the kids tell the story.  Here were some of their observations:

7 year old boy:  “I would go to the Great and Spacious Building…..and PUNCH IT!

Me: “Why does’t this building have a foundation?”  7 year old boy, “Because the devil can’t build Legos!”

8 year old girl:  “I would throw the fruit at the people on the path!”  “Why?”  “Because so they could have a snack!”

7 year old boy, “You better be careful around that water!  You could drown!”

In his first address as President of the Church, Pres. Nelson talked about staying on the Covenant Path.  He taught us, “Your commitment to follow the Savior by making covenants with Him and then keeping those covenants will open the door to every spiritual blessing and privilege available to men, women, and children everywhere,” 

Today we talked about entering that path via the ordinance of baptism.  We have our first class baptism today, and as we reviewed what a covenant was, I had a cherished memory come to mind of my CTR-7 teacher, Sister RInkey explaining that a covenant was a two-way promise we made with Heavenly Father.  We promise Him to keep the commandments and follow His Son, he promises us to bless us with His Spirit.  It’s a simple and sweet, but important promise that is the first step we take as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I am so excited this year, to teach these kids, to watch them enter the waters of baptism and to start their journey on the path that leads back to our Heavenly Father.

The last part of our lesson we talked about Nephi’s desire to see, hear, and understand the things his father taught (see, 1 Nephi 10: 17).  Do we have eyes to see?  Do we have ears that hearken and hear?  Do we have an open heart and mind, ready to understand?  All of these things are necessary to gain and keep a testimony, and to help build the Kingdom.  Our class is going to focus on seeing, hearing and understanding spiritual things this year, and learning to feel and recognize the Holy Ghost so that we stay on the Covenant Path.


7 thoughts on “What I Learned in Primary: The Covenant Path

  1. I really liked the image of the covenant path talked about on this post. I think it is so important to stay on the covenant path that we enter into when we are baptized. We won’t be perfect but it is important to hold onto our ideals even when we don’t always fully live up to them, and repent.

  2. I taught primary for 5 years. Boiling the doctrine down to its constituent parts is an important way to learn especially for us veteran members (like me, who can get caught up in the joys of complexity). Also, the children’s comments were so good, about 6 months in, I started journaling them – an amazing resource for future reference!

  3. Hi Joyce,

    Great post. Shared with friends.
    By the way, upcoming BYU Hawaii devotional speaker is a Bulgarian. Georgi Lukov. Tuesday, February 04, 2020. I thought you might be interested.

  4. Laurent, Georgi and I are friends. He’s a professor there, I think in the Biology Dept. Do they stream BYUH devos someplace? I’d love to hear him speak.

  5. https://speeches.byuh.edu/
    If you click on the bars on the right, you will see “Watch Live Stream”, so at 11:00 Hawaii time (2 pm Mountain) it should work. I’ve never watched live. There is a youtube channel too, and I see there is a devotional streamed 4 days ago and posted 3 days ago, so one can probably watch live on youtube as well.

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