The Mask Is Off: They Are Coming for Your Children

I bet you thought this was going to be a post about Covid and mask wearing. Sorry to disappoint. It’s not about either of those things. If you were not online yesterday for about a three hour window you missed a video that was quite stunning and frank with honesty produced by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir titled, “We’re Coming For Your Children.”

In this video two soloists sing about how “they” will be coming for your children to indoctrinate them with the “gay agenda”, with the result being that your kids will turn out to be more “inclusive and open”. They also promise in the song that “they” will introduce your kids, to things you don’t want them to see online. They will also teach your kids things you’ve “tried to hide” from them. The mask is off. According to the song lyrics if you’re not fully accepting, and celebratory of the “gay agenda” you’re a hater, homophobic etc. etc.

This video originally was published to the SFGMC’s youtube channel and facebook page. It was ratioed pretty quickly, and pulled down shortly after it was posted, with all links and references to it scrubbed. However, since the internet lasts forever. the folks over at Not The Bee, grabbed the video before it disappeared — I have included it at the end of this article.

I thought it was a creepy video, the way the first man was staring into the camera, with an almost maniacal look in his face. This is also telling as well — yes there are agendas out there, and parents, if you are not teaching your children in your home, your values, and the values of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the world will be teaching them differently. The world has taken its mask of, time to take ours off and be as bold, and as unapologetic with the things we believe as Latter-day Saints.

We have a lot of resources from the church to help in the teaching of our families, the phrase “Home centered, church supported” has never been more relevant. The Gospel Library app is full of videos, songs, activities, the scriptures, 50 years of General Conference talks, and Come Follow Me lessons to help you in your efforts to teach the gospel in your home.

I also follow Katy Faust on social media. Katie is a children’s rights advocate and she has some wonderful ideas for teaching. Her article titled, “4 Ways To Help Your Kids Fight Assimilation Into Cultural Leftism” popped into my social feeds again today as a good reminder of what I can do for my kids.

Katy’s four points are first, that parents should be the primary educators for their children. Over the last 18 months of the Covid Wars, this has been my biggest take away. Never again, will I be a passive parent at the pubic school or in the halls of the church. I’m “that” parent. Second, involve your kids in what you do during the day. Teach them by doing, so that when they are older they know how to do things because they’ve seen you do them, and they’ve had practice with you by their sides. Third, find a balance between protecting your kids from the world versus guiding them as they are exposed to worldly things. It’s not an “if” but a “when” your kids will see porn, hear profanity, or be tempted. Katy calls this “the Great Equipping”, which relates back to point two. As we interact with our kids, we will have many opportunities to teach, to talk and to guide our kids thru their days, and their experiences. Finally, stay connected. Be the safe refuge from the world for your kids. They need to know that they can bring you all of the awkwardness, ugliness, and questions from the world we live in that they might have. No questions or subjects should be off limits in our homes. I recommend the books published by Educate, Empower Kids and their companion site Empower Latter-day Saint Kids to get you started on having those awkward, but vital conversations with your kids.

As we emerge from Covid and back to society, and as we send our kids back to school and resume life again, make sure to keep up with life. With things like critical race theory, gender politics, sexual agendas, and the general invective of the world bearing down on families and individuals more than ever, it is vital to stay engaged with what is going on in your communities and in your wards, and make yourself available and wide open for your kids. Help them know what they believe and why they believe it, so that when they’re confronted with the agendas of the world they will know what to do and say.

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Her family and friends call her the Queen of the United States...and Mom -- Joyce Anderson has been involved in LDS apologetics for over 20 years and with the Millennial Star since 2010. Since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic she has added homeschooler to her list things she does in addition to being the butcher, baker & candlestick maker. When not schooling the children, she reads, paints, declutters, teaches primary, and is happy to share a bowl of chips & salsa with anyone who stops by.

21 thoughts on “The Mask Is Off: They Are Coming for Your Children

  1. This is beyond the pale. Creepy, predatory, and grossly inappropriate. If they think this war is over, I’ve got news for them, it hasn’t even started.

  2. Joyce,
    I teach at a Utah high school in a conservative community. Katy Faust does offer some good advice, the core of which is to be active in our children’s lives.

    But in my experience, a high percentage of parents who decide to be THAT parent lose their kids in the culture war. Many students have been embarrassed and eventually have had to apologize for their parent’s speech and behavior. Not a good start to helping their children take their parent’s views seriously!

    What behavior is that? Publicly criticizing high school teachers who present different political or ideological perspectives. We’ve even had conservative parents go after teachers with religions different than their own. And one group of parents started an online petition to fire a teacher for allowing high school students to express concerns about President Trump.

    Some of the most important virtues and attributes parents can model are civility, respect for their fellow human beings and self-control. It is difficult in today’s divisive climate, but vital if we want our children to value the values we aspire to teach.

    The real sad part is that we want our students to examine multiple worldviews and perspectives. Without a rich examination of the world, what Faust and you are proposing can’t possibly work. Hopefully we can provide the environment for the thoughtful discussions our children need to have as our children’s minds and testimonies develop.

  3. Most people work every day in civil and respectful ways toward their fellow human beings.
    What becomes harder to define is respectful civility towards continually stretched boundaries and twisted ideologies that have no intention of being civil or respectful in return.

    Evil is very patient. It will glad take the inch and wait for the yard. There’s the rub.

  4. Anon Teacher: So I’m actually a social studies teacher by profession and I keep up on curriculum trends, teaching trends — basically what’s going on in public schools.

    I’ve seen conditions go from presenting different world views and concepts, which is good, to out right advocating for things that are wrong, teachers preaching their personal politics as facts, adults humiliating students because they come from a “Trump” family or have Republican parents ore believe in traditional values for morality, marriage and conduct — heck, that’s happening in my own ward as I writhe this — people in leadership positions making fun of kids because they think their parents voted for Trump, and out right mocking people that follow the prophet — in our ward on a regular basis. Ask me how fun Sundays have been since we’ve returned from Covid.

    Just yesterday I read an article about a teacher who resigned because she didn’t “feel supported” after parents were upset she was teaching her 1st grade students about masturbation. How should a parent react to something like that? How should parents react to the “Day of Silence” or when the school’s LGBT club is up in their kids’ faces with the propaganda, the pressure? How should parents react when their kids are being told that they are the cause of every misery ever felt by a community of color or a minority because they happen to be white? It’s not the job of teachers to indoctrinate my kids. Just present information and let kids think for themselves. And perhaps if schools informed parents when they were going to teach these controversial or touchy subjects, if the teachers would make their lessons and curriculum materials available to parents it might help tempers to not flare. I read articles and see videos from teachers who think my kids are “their kids” and they have some sort of noble responsibility to turn them into something they want — not the parents. That crosses boundaries.

    Yesterday some documents from the Albuquerque Public Schools (which is right down the road from where I live) were leaked by a whistleblower about the new social studies curriculum materials. Parents in the district had been trying to get a hold of this list via a FOIA request. The school dist was stalling for weeks. The list is damning. Every single book on the list is revisionist history, pushes LGBT themes/agenda, radical feminism and critical race theory. There is no balance in what will be taught in APS this next year. The New Mexico Public Education Dept has adopted critical race theory and the 1619 Project as the standard for social studies in the state of New Mexico. Nothing else. There will be no balance or opposing views presented. Do parents not have a say about this?

    Have you seen this teacher from Iowa in this story I’ve shared? Her tiktok feed is just video after video of her saying how she’s going to break the law, and teach CRT anyway. She’s vowing to be an activist instead of a teacher. Perhaps she should seek other employment.

    As a Latter-day Saint I am obligated to defend the truth. Two years ago I met with two superintendents in my school district about some curriculum supplied for GLSEN to teach, “tolerance, inclusion and diversity”. These materials didn’t do any of these things. They were pushing an agenda. From one of the lessons that was presented to 4th-6th graders: “Do not present the heteronormal family of a man and woman being married and the standard for society.” There were some other examples of things in this book that were in direct conflict with Christian teachings about sex, morality, gender and marriage. I knew going into the meeting I was not going to change their minds about using this curriculum, but I knew I had to go and “stand as a witness” and advocate for the LDS, Catholic, Jewish, evangelical kids whose parents probably didn’t know this book was being used and had no idea of what their kids were being presented with. That’d be nine, ten and eleven year olds — kids who know what’s right and wrong, but might not know how to say so. These employees of my school district know that I am keeping my eye on things and that I will be holding them publicly accountable for what is taught.

    Along with this in our local high school there are several teachers that pick out controversial/explicit books for their classes if they know they have LDS kids in the class. These teachers love to grind the LDS and other Christian kids down, make fun of them and fight with them about their beliefs and standards. These kids are so brave having to contend with adults who are bullying teenagers. That’s not professional or ethical.

    I disagree with your assertion that teaching our kids how to advocate for themselves will not work. We have to try no matter what. This is the hill to die on, and I plan on speaking up, standing up, and advocating for what I believe in. I have the right as an American and a taxpayer, and the responsibility as a Latter-day Saint.

    I agree, both sides, need to be more civil, but when your kids are on the line, expect that tempers are going to flare. I know, if anyone tells me “they are coming for my children” I’m going to be defensive and protect my children with everything I have. They are my children, not the teacher’s not the school’s not the government’s.

  5. Joyce, thank you for putting this out there and for your other comments. This shows just how far our civilization has declined.

    I agree with the other poster about the church doing something with the SF Gay Men’s Choir. Someone needs to share this M* article with public affairs ASAP.

  6. Joyce,
    Thanks for the thoughtful response. I don’t know much about public education in NM, but I do know they largely used the same secondary curricular materials for history that most of Utah did just one year ago. I can’t really respond to the details you provided. But my social studies colleagues would be aghast.

    Most Utah high schools have had LGBTQ clubs or GSA’s for over a decade. IMO, students do just fine differentiating between voices in the public square. The parents? Not so much. In my world, activist parents on both sides are proving problematic. They are engaging in culture war battles in a zero sum fashion and creating more problems than they are correcting. And please note I never criticized student self-advocacy at the high school level. It is part of the preparation needed for college and life. They need to intelligently address religious, philosophical and ideological issues in a civil fashion. But parroting their parents is usually a recipe for disaster. Their success will depend on how knowledgeable, persuasive and civil their parents are. And in my experience, the parents are simply not that informed and are prone to take out their political angst on teachers. The current political climate has made discourse almost impossible. Now add masks and distance learning and you have the last 18 months of my life in a nutshell!

    I have seen parents claim teachers are bashing students, but it is often teachers correcting student use of sources, asking for consideration of counterarguments, etc. in class discussions. Often the most effective teachers, the ones you want your child to learn from is the one a few activist parents are criticizing.

    I am worried about our teachers, we have had a civil rights assembly with guests who participated in the events from that era for over a decade. We had music, university professors providing context, etc The students loved it. My guess is that will fall victim to activist parents worried about CRT.

  7. Anon Teacher: I agree with you about activists on both sides. I have seen conservatives do some pretty stupid things too and I just roll my eyes. I don’t know what public education will be like in a year or even five. I would just encourage people to get involved, don’t be a jerk, ask questions and follow the example of the Savior in how you act.

    Years ago I was involved in a local political matter. The people on the other side had some “deep pocket” organizations funding their push — so they were well funded, very numerous and quite intimidating. I had nothing. I never attacked them personally, I just stated my case. They were mostly unhinged. I had several people tell me I was so brave and so “not crazy” that this swayed them to my position. How we respond matters.

  8. When I left the Yahoo link above, I forgot to mention: the song in question is intended as satire.

  9. Anon @ 1:38 — I don’t believe it was satire. I think they meant every word of it, and are only saying it’s satire to try and cover their big mistake in making it and posting it. They made a gross miscalculation that people would be upset by it.

  10. I doubt this was satire, why wasn’t it introduced as satire from the get go? I know we should strive to be more Christ-like, but at this point in time, especially with this situation, I find it harder and harder to feel love toward them. I’m trying to just like them.

  11. @Anon: It’s only satire in the sense that what they really want to do is worse.

    Joyce has the right perspective. To see what is going on in big city school systems, sit down with your spouse and look at www. mass resistance. org. (take out the spaces. I don’t want to provide a live link to them.) While extreme, that org backs up what the claim with plenty of hard evidence.

    Be prepared to close the browser window (Alt-F4 for MS-Windows browsers) when the text and images get too extreme.

    I’ve lost the links on dead devices, but perhaps someone can find the links to some recorded radio shows, url started , about SSM advocates admitting that SSM was intended as a tool to destroy traditional families, not just adding new options to the definition of family. They might be in comments here on M*.

    Joyce is on the right track for other reasons too. Because with revolutionaries/radicals/progressives, the stated issue is never the real issue. If you doubt this, read Marx, and read Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

    I’ve detected 3 levels:
    a) the publicly stated issues and goals, which are the window dressing of fairness, justice, inclusion, etc.
    b) the privately stated issues and goals, kept among insiders and the useful idiots.
    c) the unstated longer term goals which are kept even from the useful idiots, but which are easily deduced as logical consequences of “b”, and by extrapolating upon the history of the progressive movement.

  12. It was tongue in cheek and it was satire. Contrary to the alt right belief manifested constantly on here, you can’t “convert” anyone to being gay. It doesn’t happen. This choir was sharing the garbage they hear from alleged christians about wacked out beliefs that they have. It IS satire. I know you people on here want to deny and denigrate homosexuality but it exists, it always has and always will. God keeps sending homosexuals into the world, he does. I am sorry you are all too stupid and powerfully ignorant and unchristian but that is the reality. These brothers of our live day and day out with your false ideas about them and they sing one song and you dump all over them again. Why does other people’s sexuality bother you?. You claim to be a teacher, don’t ever teach my Kids in school or Church, if you bother to listen. SHAME on you.

  13. Here is another example of an activist teacher — this time with CRT, which is a fruit of Critical Theory, which is where all of this activism stems from. This lady is a 4th grade teacher. I have an incoming 4th grader for this school year. He still struggles with reading & remembering math concepts. Here in New Mexico, we’re 49th out of 50 in educational outcomes. Teachers have literally no business teaching this garbage to kids when kids still can’t read at grade level & remember math concepts. Yes, there are people trying to indoctrinate your kids.

  14. So CS, I debated on publishing your comment or not, but I went ahead with it, just so you can know a few things.

    If it was satire (it’s not, but moving on) it was bad satire. If the LGBT community wants acceptance then they cannot pull stunts like this … EVER! Everyone needs to step up their game and not do stupid things. Can we all agree on that point?

    If a person wants to be out and live in a gay marriage and do all the gay things … go for it. Where I have the problem, and where many LDS and other Christians have problems is when the LGBT lobby and activists want to “convert” our kids to thinking that this lifestyle is ok — and that is what the song was about. I am the parent. I get to teach my kids the values and standards I believe in. My husband and I get to set the standards for our home. You can teach your kids whatever you want in your family. As parents we get to do that. If teachers and others in positions of authority and power cannot understand that boundary then they need to find a new profession.

    Now I’m going to assume that because I teach Biblical values, and the standards for marriage, sexual relationships and gender based on the Family Proclamation, you might think I’m some sort of terrible person. That’s ok, I’ve been called all the names by friends, family, and strangers before. I’m still here saying what needs to be said. Any behavior outside of the standards taught in the Family Proclamation, be they heterosexual, homosexual or whatever-sexual, is a violation of the commandments of God. That damages the individual, and as the proclamation states, “We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.” I take that warning very seriously. We can see that society is disintegrating before our eyes because we have abandoned God’s laws.

    And just so you know CS, I have a gay brother. I have an absolute 100% testimony that God and Jesus love him more than I can even describe. He is a good and kind person. I will never be as good or a kind as he is. I do want him to live his best life. I also mourn for him because he has chosen to step off of the covenant path, and that decision has consequences. I also mourn for the division his choices have caused to my family. So perhaps you want to consider I do speak from a position of experience on LGBT issues.

    Have a good one CS.

  15. Joyce,

    I can give a hearty amen to this and in particular your comment to CS.

  16. “Where I have the problem, and where many LDS and other Christians have problems is when the LGBT lobby and activists want to “convert” our kids to thinking that this lifestyle is ok”
    Which isn’t what they are doing here. It’s one song.
    “Biblical values”? which ones? killing others? mistreating women? the alt right is very selective on what “values” they espouse. The POTF says nothing about homosexuality whatsoever, so why bring that up? the Church has does more damage to the family than other institutions I can even think of. Homosexuality isn’t the cause of “destroying families” at all. The United States voted for Trump so yes, I would agree they have abandoned God’s values. God loves love and his gay sons and daughters, it’s a shame others feel threatened by them.
    Our Temple President had a gay brother who was murdered by thugs. So, those thugs destroyed their own family by being in jail for murder. What values are those? it’s weird don’t you think that God sends people into societies that he knows how they will be raised, what society attitudes they will grow up in, how they act and react to their environment and yet God still sent them to earth. Does he want them to fail? Is he fulfilling his own prophecies by failing his own children? I am so glad that there is missionary work in the next life because the church isn’t ready , sadly, for homosexuals in the Church yet. Too much judgement.
    I wish you well

  17. CS:

    The Family Proclamation does in fact speak about homosexuality and all forms of sexual habits/behaviors:

    “The first commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as husband and wife. We declare that God’s commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.”

    The scriptures also teach the Lord’s standards for chastity and morality and also warn and teach about violating laws of chastity/morality. The living and modern prophets in General Conference also have taught the Lord’s standards since 1830. We also are taught in the temple about the definitions of morality, what is correct according to God’s laws and what is not and what the consequences for violating those laws are.

    I truly am sorry you think that teaching your kids God’s laws and standards for sexual behavior is somehow mean or wrong. Everyone comes to this earth knowing they will have struggles with something. Sometimes those trials and burdens are mighty. It’s an opportunity for all of us to rely on Jesus Christ more. But all of us, no matter what are invited to come to Christ, to make covenants and to abide by God’s laws. We all, also have the gift of repentance and grace to help us as we live.

  18. To CS,

    The Choir released a statement saying the song was a “satirical video performance” and “satirical and obviously tongue-in-cheek humor.”

    Yet, the group also said, “After decades of children being indoctrinated and taught intolerance for anyone who is “other”, and using the Bible as a weapon to reparative therapy, it’s our turn.”

    In my view, one cannot say the line, “We’re going to convert your children” is satire while also saying ‘it’s our turn to indoctrinate the children’. Satire would be an obvious exaggeration, where this at best is a slight exaggeration, and at worst is a weak deflection.

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