The battles for Freedom continues

245 years ago, almost every person on earth was a slave. Only kings and lord’s were citizens with God given inalienable rights. Then, a few of those slaves proclaimed they also we’re children of God and He granted all his creation inalienable rights, among these: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Ever since Thomas Jefferson penned those immortal words, humans have been in a continuous struggle for liberty and rights. Wars have been fought to overthrow kings, despots and tyrants. Peaceful and violent protests have led to freedom. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Lech Walesa, and others brought greater freedom to billions.

Still, we are always only a generation away from forgetting and losing that freedom. Look at China cracking down on Hong Kong. They are subjects of the Chinese state. They want to be citizens with freedom of speech, etc. They want their inalienable rights.

Much of the world is in battle for freedom right now. The battles continue in the United States, as people of color seek their own rights. The Amish just won a case in the Supreme Court against tyranny in county government. Religious freedom barely won out against despotism here in America.

The Berlin Wall fell about 30 years ago. Hundreds of millions became free with little bloodshed. Sadly, Russia and other nations again struggle between freedom and government control. Freedom is failing in many nations right now. This is partially due to America being distracted in endless foreign wars and internal struggle, rather than being Reagan’s city on the hill.

We need to be that light again.

We must either seek to expand freedom, or others will come and take it away. And freedom must be for everyone, else no one is truly free.

What Happened to the Declaration Signers?

Growing up I enjoyed listening to Paul Harvey on the radio. His stories were always interesting and his voice was, and still is comforting.

Here is Mr. Harvey teaching us what actually happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Mr. Harvey points out that, “They were not poor men. They were not wild eyed pirates. These were men of means. They were rich men most of them, and had enjoyed much ease and luxury in their personal living. Not hungry men, certainly not terrorists, not irresponsible malcontents, not fanatical incendiaries, These men were prosperous men, wealthy land owners. They were substantially secure in their prosperity. They had everything to lose, but they considered liberty so much more important than security. They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, and they fulfilled their pledge. They paid the price, and freedom was born.”

Come Follow Me: D&C 76 – The Vision

My blog post on Come Follow Me: D&C 76, The Vision

Excerpt: The Vision
In 1832, Joseph and Sidney received a remarkable Vision that lasted hours. They took turns describing the things they saw. D&C 76 was created from the revelation, covering many of the important truths they discovered.

The first thing to note is that BOTH Joseph and Sidney received the revelation. While many pretenders proclaimed they had revelations from God and/or angels, none had a list of others who joined in many of those revelations: the Three Witnesses, Oliver Cowdery seeing John the Baptist, the First Presidency seeing the Kirtland Temple in vision as they began plans to design and build it, members attending the Kirtland Temple dedication, etc.

When it came to Christianity, the Vision was revolutionary. A few had previously suggested that heaven had several levels, but no one had given as much detail as this. For most of Christianity, only a few would be saved, the rest of the world would be damned – regardless of their opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ in this life. In fact, one leading dogma for many Christians is Calvin’s TULIP, which includes a limited atonement, predestination to heaven/hell, and that most will not be saved.

The Vision turns all of that on its head. Instead of a limited atonement, Christ offers a near universal salvation to humankind. Instead of predestination, there is fore-ordination and free will.It is a Vision of hope and joy.

We interrupt the unending bad news to give you a bit of good news

Believe it or not, US families are doing better. Despite society’s relentless attempts to destroy the nuclear family, more kids are being raised with two parents than at any time since the 1990s. Here is the census data:

Surprising, right?

It turns out that the U.S. census bureau has an expansive view of what a “two parent family” is, often including step-parents and adoption. So, the Institute for Family Studies created a chart looking at how many kids are raised by their biological parents, and that number is also up.

It turns out that the percentage of U.S. children living with both birth parents is at 63.1 percent, compared to 61 percent in 2012.

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The trouble with claiming 1 in 5 Latter-day Saints is nonheterosexual

Millennial Star contriubutor Jacob Hess had an opinion piece published in the Deseret News yesterday.

From the article we read:

In 2014, a study appeared in the prestigious journal Science that made almost immediate waves in the national conversation with its conclusion that a mere 20-minute conversation with a gay canvasser telling a personal, heart-felt story led to persistent changes in attitudes — as confirmed by nine-month follow-ups.

When Jon Krosnick, a Stanford social psychologist, was contacted for comment, his response was, “Gee, that’s very surprising and doesn’t fit with a huge literature of evidence. It doesn’t sound plausible to me.”

Nonetheless, a feature piece ran in The New York Times the same week the study posted — the first of many similar commentaries. And the following spring, the radio program “This American Life” amplified these “groundbreaking” findings. Summarizing the cumulative effects of this single study, journalist Jesse Singal states, “It rerouted countless researchers’ agendas, inspired activists to change their approach to voter outreach, generated shifts in grant funding, and launched follow-up experiments.”

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