Same-sex marriage in the Church’s future? No.

This is one of the best articles I have ever seen on the issue of same-sex marriage and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The authors discuss modern-day prophets’ positions on the issue of homosexuality and contradict recent claims that Church doctrine is compatible with same-sex marriage. The authors make the important point that it is not wise or loving to mislead people about the Church’s position on this issue.

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The Church is still true even though the COVID vaccines are failing

Almost a year ago, I wrote this post warning that there would be an increasing amount of information in the months ahead that the COVID-19 vaccines were a failure.

Since then, we have learned that the mRNA COVID jabs actually increase the likelihood of hospitalization and death.

More and more evidence indicates the vaccines are unsafe and harmful.

The state of Florida has urged younger men not to get vaccinated because it increases the risk of heart problems.

The evidence indicates the vaccines are destroying the human reproductive system, and the pharmaceutical companies knew this would happen.

Just this week, Pfizer admitted publicly that it they had NO EVIDENCE the vaccine would stop transmission of the virus. Pfizer execs and public officials of course never said this in 2021, and they went on to support vaccine mandates and vaccines passports throughout the world when, again, there was no evidence the vaccine would stop transmission.

So, what are we, as faithful Latter-day Saints, to make of this? The Church, after all, encouraged members to get vaccinated in August 2021. And now it appears the vaccines are a bust, at least for many, many people. (The vaccines probably are still worthwhile for the elderly and people with co-morbidities).

I want to be clear: I have more faith in modern-day prophets than ever before, and my testimony has not been affected negatively by this situation. Let me reiterate the reasons why:

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Read this post on Columbus Day to get another view of Columbus

These days, all of the smart people know Columbus didn’t “discover America.” He was a complete monster who killed and enslaved. In fact, Columbus was a fascist just like Hitler.

This seems to be what is taught at least.

For a different view, actually looking at some of the available history, I suggest this series of posts.

Start reading here.

If you only want to read about whether Columbus was a monster go straight to this post.

How is it moral to risk nuclear war over Ukraine?

Modern-day revelations make it abundantly clear that only defensive wars are justified.

Again and again, righteous people are protected when they sue for peace, pray sincerely to God, build up their defenses and do not pursue offensive wars. The Nephites learned this the hard way near the end of the Book of Mormon:

And it was because the armies of the Nephites went up unto the Lamanites that they began to be smitten; for were it not for that, the Lamanites could have had no power over them.

Mormon 4:4

And we read in the Doctrine and Covenants 98 that we as a people should “renounce war and proclaim peace” and continually petition for resolving our differences with our enemies.

Russia has not invaded the United States. We as a nation are exactly like the last Nephites, pursuing a doomed course of “going up” to fight battles when we should remain at home, build up our defenses and sue for peace.

Just yesterday, President Biden said Putin is “not joking” about using nuclear weapons and warned that a nuclear “Armageddon” is possible. Meanwhile, our supposed ally, Ukrainian President Zelensky, called for “preventive strikes” against Russia by the West.

So, the United States is considering a posture of striking first against Russia when we are financing a proxy war in a country on Russia’s border that is filled with millions of ethnic Russians. How do you think Russia will respond?

We got a very unfortunate hint from President Medvedev who said it is impossible to negotiate with the West because the West only wants Russia’s “complete and unconditional surrender.” Let’s look at some history from the perspective of Russia:

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President Nelson has announced the equivalent of a new temple every two weeks since he became the prophet

This Church News article looks at some interesting numbers on President Nelson’s temple-building push since he became the prophet.

He has announced 118 temples over 1,723 days as Church president — a rate of a temple announced every two weeks!

Here are some more interesting numbers:

  • Dedicated — 2
  • Scheduled for dedication — 1
  • Under construction — 41
  • Scheduled for groundbreaking — 1
  • With site announced and rendering released — 11
  • In planning and development — 62
  • Total — 118

The geographic breakdown of the 118 temples is as follows:

  • United States — 41
  • Mexico, Central America and Caribbean — 16
  • South America — 19
  • Europe — 7
  • Africa and Middle East — 15
  • Asia and the Philippines — 13
  • Pacific — 7

Temples are getting closer and closer to members. When I first joined the Church in the 1990s, the closest temple was a five-hour drive away. Now, there is a temple just a half-hour drive away.

I lived in Brazil for several years, and members tell crazy stories about how they used to take a week to travel to the Sao Paulo temple, which was the only one in the country for many years. Now there are 18 temples in Brazil.

And how about President Nelson announcing on Sunday four new temples in the Mexico City area?