Salt Lake Tribune calls for National Guard to keep the unvaccinated in Utah from going “well, anywhere”

If you want to see yet another example of crazy COVID hysteria in action, you only have to look as far as Utah’s largest newspaper, the increasingly out of control Salt Lake Tribune. There, we find an editorial with this paragraph:

Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere.

Civilized? Only if you consider Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Cambodia under Pol Pot civilized.

To be clear: the newspaper is saying that unvaccinated people should literally starve to death. If they can’t go “anywhere,” they can’t go to the grocery store or the corner 7-11 or a restaurant. You can’t go to your doctor’s office for a checkup or to work. In the Tribune’s view, you should be confined at home until you submit yourself to the health decisions that the newspaper believes are worthwhile.

Never mind that even the WHO says people under 18 should not be vaccinated. Never mind that recent studies have clearly shown the vaccines should not be taken by pregnant women. Never mind that literally a year ago almost every public figure was saying that COVID vaccines would never be mandatory.

How, exactly, would such a measure be enforced? We have seen the institution of vaccine passports in some limited locales like New York City and central Los Angeles. But the Tribune is calling for the National Guard to enforce this. In effect, they are calling for road blocks where you must show your “vaccine passport” at every corner. All this for a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate, a virus that is becoming endemic and is now less deadly than the flu or the common cold. Are they really that unhinged?

But there is some good news, if you want to see it that way. For 22 months now many of us have been warning that the COVID hysteria could only go in one direction: toward complete and total government control over every aspect of citizens’ lives, using public health as an excuse. We were called every name in the book, with “conspiracy theorist” being one of the nicest. Can you rubes now see why we were worried?

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8 thoughts on “Salt Lake Tribune calls for National Guard to keep the unvaccinated in Utah from going “well, anywhere”

  1. Of course those of who have had covid and recovered and who now have natural immunity and no need for their mystery jab, won’t be counted among “the clean”. What is wrong with people?

  2. I have some questions: If the variant omicron is mostly like a cold, why are people going to the hospital? How do they even know they have omicron, and not one of 1,000 other common viruses? If covid and variants are so bad, why is it that only hospitals are “overwhelmed” and not funeral providers? And finally, how are we ever going to recover our liberties after these blatant tyrannical power grabs?

  3. 29% of democrats believe children should be taken away from unvaccinated parents. We’re getting close to civil war level justification over these disagreements.

  4. Rasmussen recently polled Democrats who said the following:

    — 59% of Democrats favor forcing the unvaccinated to stay home at all times except for emergencies.

    — 55% of Democrats favor levying state or federal fines on people who decline the shot.

    — 48% of Democrats favor fines or imprisonment for people who publicly question vaccine efficacy.

    — 47% of Democrats favor a government tracking program to people who decline the shot.

    — 45% of Democrats support temporary relocation to “designated facilities or locations” for those who decline the shot.

    — 29% of Democrats favor temporarily removing your custody of your children if you decline the shot.

    Keeping in mind that the vaccine does not prevent transmission or infection but is basically a therapeutic preventing severe illness or death, how could these people (and the editorial board of the SL Tribune) be so irrational regarding the vaccine? There is no logic or justification for any of these views except as vindictive punishment of people who refuse to follow their dictates. This is about vengeance and control, not public health. Sorry, folks, that is pure evil, and I am not afraid to say it.

  5. Rozy, having just come thru a week with Omicron, it was like a bad cold, there are a few markers in the symptoms: extreme fatigue (I didn’t even feel that tired after having my babies), body aches like I’ve never had and cycling between being boiling hot and freezing cold. The worst symptoms lasted abut 2 days.

    I think ppl are going to the hospital because we’ve been conditioned to think a positive CV19 means you will be sick enough to be in the hospital. Not even then case. People honestly should just stay home, don’t even get tested and rest & recover.

  6. If the current wave were of the deadlier delta variant, there might be a faint whiff of reason for the editor’s call.

    But this being the less deadly and less harmful omicron, which cannot be stopped by vaccines, and given that even the mainstream media say that only the severely vulnerable (obese and elderly) will be hospitalized , no one, except the obese or elderly, needs to be vaxxed.

    a) it’s going to be transmitted quickly regardless of vax status.
    b) only the obese/elderly need the protection that the vaccines affords against hospitalization/death.

    For the non-elderly healthy population omicron IS the immunization.

    Moreover, omicron has crested on the east and west coasts, and daily numbers are going back down. It will be over for them in 2 weeks.

    For inland areaa, it will crest in two weeks, and be over 4 weeks from now.

  7. The entire justification for vaccination as a public health policy is to drive down infection numbers.

    A vaccine with any efficacy against transmission would reduce infections on average as the number of vaccines increase.

    Indeed we literally see the opposite within a Colt weeks of each wave of vaccines and boosters. Looking at the numbers, one can not help but conclude the vaccinated are a threat to the unvaccinated.

    Then of course we have the side effects. Anyone else see recent American Heart Association study that showed tests for 5 year risk of cardiac arrest increases by over 200% in vaccinated population? How do we suppose that happens if the mrna/spike just stays in the muscle?

    Now let’s consider the claim at effectiveness in death. Is it true that covid vaccines reduce deaths? Seems like one possible interpretation. But I’ll not that observations of who turns up at the hospital is literally a convenience sample. Those are filled with implicit bias. Is it also possible that generally more healthy, less risk averse people are getting vaccinated while less healthy, more risky behavior people aren’t? Wouldn’t those confounding variables have something to do with difference in death rates? What’s the average bmi of vaccinated vs non vaccinated individuals? If you can’t tell me that then your data is biased.

    I would assume the vaccine has some effect just based on good will and faith. But I find it telling there is no sincere effort to test the null hypothesis from alleged scientists.

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