Why do leftists hate conservative women so much?

An alternate title for this post could be: most of the real misogyny appears to come from the left.

I mention this especially because my lovely wife has noticed this most of her life: left-wingers really do *hate* people like her. I am talking about women who may or may not have professional careers but are also dedicated to their family, their children and who even — heaven forbid — love their husbands!

And if these women decide to enter public service in any way, the hatred is multiplied a hundred-fold.

If you look at the rhetoric from the left, the biggest threats to the United States are apparently people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, a firebrand conservative congresswoman from Georgia, and Lauren Boebert, another conservative congresswoman from Colorado. And when you throw in other prominent conservative women like new Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett and South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, you get nonstop hate whenever their names are mentioned.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

I first noticed this phenomenon when Sarah Palin was chosen by John McCain as the VP candidate in 2008. Do you remember how much hatred was aimed at Palin, with constant Saturday Night Live skits and misogynistic jokes from late-night comics?

This was especially strange for me because I remember very well when Geraldine Ferraro was chosen the VP candidate by Walter Mondale in 1984. I was living in Boston that summer and the entire city was excited about this groundbreaking development for women. Women were finally being taken seriously on a national political stage! Of course there were the occasional sexist remarks about Ferraro, and Mondale lost the election to the very popular Ronald Reagan, but I think history will agree that Ferraro was mostly feted rather than hated.

When John McCain, a Republican, did the same thing, I thought for sure the reaction would be similar. I was as wrong as you can be. They even made fun of Palin’s son with Down’s Syndrome. They hated the fact that she had five children. They hated the fact that she appeared to a dedicated family woman (she and her husband have since divorced, but anybody who has been divorced knows you cannot blame this on just one person). They hated the fact that Palin was attractive and well spoken. But most of all they hated her for her political views.

Every time an attractive conservative woman becomes prominent in politics, she is met with nothing but disdain by the establishment. I am not going to link the many articles, posts and twitter threads filled with hatred toward these women on the right, but if you doubt me just do a google search on your own. If you are honest, you will see that the hatred is all out of proportion to the supposed threat from these women.

What do they have in common? Well, they are all a lot like Sarah Palin was in 2008, ie, they are politically conservative relatively young women with families. They are attractive. They are married and apparently happily married.

Lauren Boebert

Marjorie Taylor Greene is 48, is married and has three children. Lauren Boebert is 35, has four children and is married. Kristi Noem, 50, has three children and is married. Amy Coney Barrett, 50, has seven children and is married.

Oh, and all of them are openly Christian.

Amy Coney Barrett

So why do you never hear the press celebrate these women? They have done amazing things, combining political or judicial careers with a marriage and raising multiple children. It seems to me that they are super-women and should be praised. But, again, go do a google search on these women and see the kind of garbage that comes up whenever they are discussed in the national press.

Has the world forgotten how difficult it is to raise several young children while keeping house and trying to maintain a career? Have we forgotten how important it is that these children are raised with a mother and father and taught the correct values? Forget about politics: the plain evidence shows that children raised by caring parents are much less likely to be depressed, to do drugs, to drink to excess and are much more likely to raise healthy kids themselves. The people who are doing these things are creating the very foundations of a healthy society.

So why are these incredible women hated? The obvious answer is that these women are all conservatives, with traditional values at a time when all traditions are being up-ended. But there is something deeper. These women appear, for the most part, to be happy. They are leading fulfilling lives with real accomplishments. There is nothing that miserable leftists hate more than people who are happy.

Yes, these women are conservatives, but there have always been conservatives and people who are less conservative. Up until now, most of the public conservatives have been men. But the new phenomenon is that women are increasingly bolstering and indeed leading the conservative movement. The other new phenomenon is that these women are being met with unending hatred and disdain, all out of proportion to the political realities.

So, we can clearly see the hatred is, as it always is, inspired by Satan. The prince of all lies wants people to be miserable like him. And Lucifer hates it when people with traditional values show that the key to happiness is embracing the traditional values of faith, family and loving the Savior. Satan hates it when successful, strong women show that you can be a Christian, create a strong family and also do incredible things to save a fallen society.

Kristi Noem
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  1. These wonderful women clearly show up the lies that the left have been feeding women for several generations. Quality and achievements, success and happy! Show us the leftist women who are like that. And you’re correct, Satan does stir up the hearts to anger.

  2. According to Pentecostal pastor Michael L. Brown, PhD, it’s the spirit of Jezebel.

    He has a book out, that I just picked up at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet for $3.99 in hardcover. “Jezebel’s War with America.”

    He also has articles, videos, and podcasts on the subject at

  3. From John C. Wright, at:

    agreeing with David Warren at:

    Quote from Wright:
    “The Progressives in their smirking self-righteous piety and grotesque self-imposed ignorance are henchmen of the devil. Some know it, most do not. They stand between a woman and her human nature, her happiness, her children, and they speak the selfsame lie. The source of your happiness is the barrier to happiness. Destroy the source of your happiness, toss happiness aside, and you will be happy.”

  4. Better stated, the left hates the idea of families.

    Francis Berger hits a home run in a comment:

    “But the left also understands that [ … ] family poses a problem because it possesses the power to insulate individuals against the System, to say nothing of the problems it poses for implementing totalitarian structures.

    But the higher ranks of the left understand the metaphysical implications of family as well. And this is what they want to destroy above all else.”

    The above quote comes from the fourth comment on this post.
    (The main post is good too, not just the comments.)

    His points are further developed in three subsequent postings:




  5. I’ve seen this dynamic personally.

    About a year and a half ago, I gave some labor and delivery advice on twitter, which of course is public. I brought up the fact that I had six children. Cue the most vile trolling I have ever experienced. I don’t know what was more offensive, the fact that I asserted that childbirth – specifically natural childbirth – was intense but doable for any woman, or the fact that I had done it more than one time.

    I was called a liar, and some other choice names I won’t repeat. As is twitter’s wont, a lot of women who had *never given birth* brought race into it and called me insensitive for not honoring the traumatic birth experiences of women of color, which had nothing to do with the original post anyway…?

    I have since decided that these childless women were probably so offended by my fecundity because they had had abortions. They really, honestly believed that pregnancy was *literally* a death sentence and that being encouraging to someone on the cusp of giving birth was tantamount to leading them merrily to their death. They have to believe that, because if they have to believe that when they killed their children they were truly saving their own lives, just like they have to believe a fetus isn’t really a person, otherwise they’d have to confront that they were complicit in a murder.

    They were offended because just my very existence was a judgement against them. It was never about anything I said – just living and breathing with a family was enough to send them into a rage, because by living and breathing and having a family I showed them what they destroyed in their own lives, and they couldn’t face that. The reaction to Roe’s overturning has revealed an extreme level of emotional unawareness and deep spiritual sickness. Members of the church who wax erudite on “ensoulment” on twitter really have no clue what they’re talking about, either, and they’re just as sick and emotionally unaware as the women who called me a liar for still being alive after having a bunch of kids.

  6. Momof7, this is exactly what I am talking about. And, btw, congratulations on becoming a mom of seven now!

    Look, it used to be that society praised and had great respect and reverence for women who brought new life to the world. The continuation of society depends on people having kids, and the continuation of a healthy society depends on good mothers and good fathers raising these kids in a good home environment. It is only lately that people act like being a mother is somehow a burden or a negative thing.

    And I’m sorry to repeat this point, but this new attitude is a wonderful thing for Satan’s evil plan. He gets to make people miserable, he gets people fighting about things like abortion and gender issues, and he gets to convince people not to have children, which prevents spirit children coming to the Earth. Triple win for Lucifer!

  7. Popular culture has always viewed large families as peculiar. A certain portion of society holds scorn and this always surprised me. Why would a person take offense at a large family? They are not threatened in any way, yet they behave as if they are.

    Men and women are wicked in similar ways. Both sexes can be jealous, be greedy, be unkind. Envy troubles us all. Thing is for men envy is spread among many interests. Money and sex are the largest desires, yet there is no single representation of these desires. As a general rule, men are so easily distracted by things that it is a challenge for a man to stay focused.

    For women there is a common and powerful identify. They can be mothers. They have the biological responsibility of bearing and nursing children. The divine perspective is this is an amazing gift. The worldly perspective is this is a burden.

    Women who embrace their divine gift – their identity and role as a mother – are a threat to the “world”. The world is happy to acknowledge mothers exist, but they do not want mothers having influence against it. Mothers are dangerous! They have allegiances that are in opposition to the world. Motherhood in the proper context involves a husband and a family. These protect and shield the mother from the world. The world doesn’t like this!

    Furthermore, women without a husband and family are jealous. Those who have deliberately chosen to forsake motherhood are angry. Not all, but the emotion of realizing one rejected a divine gift is powerful. The “Jezebels” respond by loathing the thing symbolic of what they rejected. Conservative women become the target because the hate is real and the target is convenient.

  8. Geoff B –

    Thank you. I found out about my pregnancy the night before the Dobbs verdict dropped, so this whole issue has been very tender and emotional for me.

    I am a Mom of 7 even before this baby is born because a person is a person, no matter how small.

  9. @Rozy, @Joyce, @Momof7 :

    If I remember correctly, you’ve all commented/observed that radical feminism has waged war on women.

    I would like to recommend the book that I mentioned above, “Jezebel’s War with America” as a source of ammunition for backing up your observations and statements, and for helping others to understand “yes, things really are that bad.” There are plenty of quotes, properly sourced in endnotes, going back over 50 years.

    It illustrates very well that the current craziness is not a new development, but is what the leaders of extreme feminism had in mind 50 years ago. This stuff is what they intended all along — “fairness” was only their stalking horse.

    The last two chapters are about how to resist, stand up, and push back on an individual level, and a national level.

    As well as new at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet ($4), it is also available used on Amazon for $6-$8 including shipping.

  10. 2022 may be the last year we could buy Mother’s Day cards. We will make our own, if instead they try to sell us “Birthing Person Day” Cards. Although they might not want to celebrate any birth at all. Pretty gloomy. Insane times.

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