The unvaccinated are not the problem

One of the greatest lies you will hear from public health authorities, the media and some politicians is that the people who have not taken one of the COVID vaccines are the cause of the continuation of the pandemic.

There is simply no evidence of this, and in fact when you look at the numbers in depth it turns out that many of the most vaccinated countries and states are suffering the most from the pandemic. The be fair, there is also some evidence that certain highly vaccinated countries, like Israel for example, appear to be improving, but the majority of highly vaccinated countries and states are suffering through a new phase in the pandemic.

Why is it that the most vaccinated geographical areas appear to be so affected by the virus? If the COVID vaccines are so effective, shouldn’t the evidence show the opposite?

If we are to believe the official narrative — the unvaccinated are the problem — we should see a direct and clear correlation between low vaccination rates and high case and death rates for COVID. But in fact there is not such correlation.

If anything, SARS-CoV2 appears to be affected most of all by the weather. When people go inside, like in the summer in the southern US states or in the fall and winter in the northern US states, the virus appears to thrive. And when people go outside more, the virus seems to die off.

You can see this when comparing these two maps. Red areas mean more cases of the virus.

h/t to Tom Woods

I want to drive home this point, which I originally made in this post: when you look at the worldwide data fairly there is simply no evidence — none — that unvaccinated people are causing this pandemic.

If you look at the list of the most vaccinated countries, it turns out that the pandemic is strengthening right now in most of these countries. Again. Most, but not all, of these countries are in Europe, and it is getting colder and people are going inside, so of course the numbers should start going up. Here are some examples:

There are also some strange anomalies, like Chile, which is actually going into the Spring but is also suffering through an up-tick in the pandemic. Chile has an extremely high vaccination rate.

And how are we to explain Singapore, which is going through a wave of COVID deaths even though the weather is similar all year round (it is on the equator) and it has a very high vaccination rate:

There is also something strange going on in the UK, where infection rates are higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. (The numbers for younger people are not representative because so few people in those cohorts are vaccinated). The source for below is here.

Meanwhile, in US states, the most vaccinated states (like Vermont and Massachusetts) are going through a surge while Florida is now one of the safest states in the country.

And then we must consider the strange case of Nigeria, which has an extremely low vaccination rate but also a very low COVID infection rate.

In fact, most of the poorest countries in the world have very low vaccination rates but also very low COVID case rates and very low death rates. If we are to believe the official narrative, all of these countries with low vaccination rates should be death zones, right? It is simply not the case.

Alex Berenson, a former science reporter for the New York Times, has a statement that I think is important to remember regarding this pandemic: “virus is gonna virus.” Viruses are living things and they want to survive, and living things that want to survive usually act in unpredictable ways. It turns out that this has always been the case in past pandemics, but a huge swath of society is either incurious or deliberately rejecting history when it comes to this pandemic. It is sad to watch.

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5 thoughts on “The unvaccinated are not the problem

  1. The big thing the news is getting wrong is numbers they present are by definition a convenience sample. It’s easy enough to get a good sample. Randomly test a few thousand people and break it down by full, partial, and no vax.

    If you only sample the people who come to the hospital you get the sickest. And if you include partial and even double shot (sub 20 days) vax as no vax, you skew it more.

    The reality that’s not being measured is its highly likely fully vaxed individuals are marginally symptomatic and infecting others in massive numbers. There’s just no way the virus is spreading unchecked via mostly the unvaxed population.

    If most people are vaxed, and cases are going exponentially up, then the spread is coming from the vaxed.

  2. in many places (including the province of Quebec, so near-by), the fraction of the vaxxed in the hospital and on ventilators, and even deaths, is greater than the fraction of non-vaxxed. Many places are not reporting those numbers, so it could be worse.

    Then a minor correction. Viruses are generally not considered to be be “living”. In may ways they perform as a living entity, but they do not pass all the “tests” to qualify as living.

  3. It is sad to watch, but more sad is the fact that health “experts” at the state/local and national level keep trying to micro manage this whole thing. I wish the narrative would change from “we’ve got to stop/slow the spread” to, “we need to help people when they are sick”. If we adopted the latter strategy life actually could return to normal.

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