The Peace and Hope of Easter

Pres. Nelson has shared a message today, on Palm Sunday, as we being this Holy Week in preparation for Easter and General Conference next weekend.

As General Conference will be all online again, make sure you’re ready to go at home. Invite friends to watch with you online or in your home, and share this video on your social media channels.

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1 thought on “The Peace and Hope of Easter

  1. Our Savior’s birth, life, death, and resurrection to save us from sin is certainly the greatest story ever told (to use the movie title). And it is the most important story ever told. And the purpose of telling the story is not for academic knowledge or theological talking points — the whole purpose is to build and strengthen faith, hope, and charity, all centered in Jesus Christ. I hope we individually never lose sight of this, even as we might from time to time consider other aspects of our religion.

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