An Outline of the Old Testament

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Back in October of 2009, Daniel Bartholomew and I announced our ScriptureLog project, an open source plugin that turns WordPress into a collaborative scripture study platform.  At that time only we only had The Book of Mormon available.

Then in November, we released an update to add the Old Testament.

When we released the Book of Mormon, I had taken the time to develop a Book of Mormon outline, and I wanted to outline the Old Testament as well.

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ScriptureLog for WordPress – Flooding the Internet with The Book of Mormon

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Before I get into the tedious specifics, let me get right to the main announcement.

Daniel Bartholomew and I are very excited to introduce you to ScriptureLog.

[We appear to be having some issues with our web host.  We hope to have it resolved soon. So if it doesn’t load try again after a while.]


Scripturelog is a free, open source plugin for the popular WordPress blogging platform that turns WordPress into a collaborative online LDS scripture study journal.

scripturesThe plugin installs volumes of scripture into WordPress as hierarchical, inter-linking pages of books, chapters, and verses. Once the pages are installed, you can use the built-in features of WordPress by yourself or in collaboration with others to read the scriptures, take notes, and discuss the gospel.

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Guest Post:

After joining a LinkedIn group for returned missionaries, I encountered a web site created by one of the group members that I thought was worth sharing. I invited the site owner/creator, Steve Lloyd, to share a little more about his site with our M* readers.

Steve Lloyd is an Idaho farm boy born and raised in Malad, Idaho where his
father worked for a local dairy farmer. After graduating from Malad High
School he went to Utah State University for one year before serving a
mission in Seoul, Korea.  Afterwords, he attended BYU and graduated with a
Business Management Major/Entrepreneurship emphases.

For the past 15 years, Steve has worked in the software industry in
Quality Assurance, Automation, Build Configuration, and Software
Development. An inventor at heart, he is always working on a side project
to in an effort to help others and make the world a better place.

I would like to introduce you to a site I recently launched. It is called and is a site where you can read, study, listen, annotate, take notes, search, lookup a word’s dictionary definition in multiple online dictionaries, and  lookup the Greek or Hebrew translation of nearly any word in the Old Testament or New Testament using Strong’s Concordance.

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