How is Ministering Going for You and In Your Ward?

Last year Pres. Nelson introduced the ministering program to the church. At the same time the old programs of Home and Visiting Teaching were retired. There was an audible gasp as he made these announcements.  Online the prevailing sentiment I observed was, “Oh I’m so glad! Now I don’t have go visit anymore!”

Then there was me,  I was really, really discouraged at the thought of not having a monthly visit.  I liked to have my visiting teachers come to visit me.  We sometimes had a gospel discussion.  Most of the time we didn’t (moment of truth: I never liked the visiting teaching message in the Ensign, ever, and I would never share that).  We just talked to each other.  We listened to each other.  We got to know each other.  And to borrow a phrase from the old purple missionary guide, we “built relationships of trust” with each other, so that in times of trial or need, we could depend on each other.  This was not always the case with my visiting teachers, but it was the case for the last seven or eight years.   I have to be honest, I miss those monthly visits…. A LOT.  I kinda miss the relationships I had with my visiting teachers, because I feel like that has disappeared  with ministering.  Anyone else? Continue reading

Ministering on International Women’s Day

Six weeks ago, I broke my foot. It has not been easy to say the least.  Three weeks ago, an x-ray showed that my foot had not healed and, in fact, and broken a bit more.  I felt devastated that day.

The doctor ordered me to not step on my foot (even in a walking cast).  I didn’t know what to do — how would I even get to the restroom or in the shower on one foot? I can’t do crutches, I need to buy a knee scooter!  Thank goodness I already have a shower chair. How would I feed my family? How much more time can my husband take off work to care for me and our 2 year old?  How would I take care of my house? How would my kids get to school? I was going to be totally dependent on others for a while to come.

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