Father’s Day Thoughts

I feel like in the 21st Century version of “the battle of the sexes” it’s become a “zero-sum game”. In order for women and girls to “win”, men have to lose and be ground down to pulp — smashing patriarchy, if you will. I absolutely hate this mindset. I. Hate. It. Life is limitless and opportunities are infinite. Nothing has to be zero sum game — especially when our husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons are concerned.

My dad was far from a perfect father. But he’s my dad and I love him. He took care his parents, two siblings, his mother-in-law, and my mom in the final years of their lives — giving his time and talents to make sure they had what they needed. He loves teaching Primary and makes sure to send post cards to all of the kids in his class from New Mexico when he comes to visit us. These days Dad has taken upon himself the great task to transcribe all of his father’s letters from WW2 and his mission. Grandpa was a writer and there are many volumes to work through. When he comes to visit us he brings an activity for each day — crafts, books, puzzles — my kids know they’re going to have fun with Grandpa around!

I love my grandfathers and my father-in-law, who raised my husband to be a good and faithful man. I love my Uncles, they’re also examples of good, righteous men, who loved me like their own kids. I love my husband and the man he is, and the example he is for our sons and daughter. We are trying to raise our sons to be Godly men, in a godless world. It’s not easy!

In church today the speaker spoke of being a father, and the verb “fathering”. There is great need in the world for both of these things. Fathers and men are important. Fathering is important too. I want to support and help the men in my life to be the best they can be, to help them reach their potential, and to help them fill their divine rolls as fathers, mentors, providers, and priesthood holders — so they can in turn bless the lives of others.

Happy Father’s Day men! Your work, your efforts, your service is appreciated, and needed … press on!

More Dads Please

I’m not a British Royal watcher at all. But the fact that a new prince was born this week has dotted my social media feeds to the point of not being able to avoid this story. That said, I’m always happy when a new baby is born and I’m happy for the new parents as they start on the crazy road of parenting. Parenting is everything you never knew you wanted to know, and needed to feel — it refines you and tests you in ways you didn’t know existed.  But there is also indescribable joy and love that come with parenting too.

That all said, and this week being Mother’s Day, I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to steal Mom’s thunder but time is of the essence today, and it relates to the new prince being born. Someone I follow on twitter, retweeted the following:

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