Set aside time for the FAIR conference

Living in Miami, I have never had an opportunity to go to a FAIR conference. Maybe this year I will. The conference will be Aug. 7-8 in Sandy, UT.

I just got the FAIR on-line journal with details on the speakers:

* Mike Ash: Author of the new book “Shaken Faith Syndrome.”

* Brian Birch: Director, Religious Studies Program and Associate
Professor of Philosophy at UVSC.

* Matthew Brown: Author of “Symbols in Stone” and many other books.
He will speak on Temple Worship among the Ancient Hebrews and
Early Christians.

* Brant Gardner: Author of the new, very popular “Second Witness,
Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon.”

* Darius Gray and Margaret Young: Producers of the just released
documentary “Nobody Knows” examining the struggles, trials, and
joys of black Latter-day Saints.

* Brian Hauglid: Addressing issues related to the Book of Abraham.

* Vicky Pahnky Taylor: A favorite EFY speaker.

* Ugo A. Perego: The Director of Operations and Study Research
Coordinator for the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. He
will be speaking on “Joseph Smith’s DNA Revealed: New clues from
the Prophet’s genes.”

* Dan Peterson: Professor of Islamic Studies and Arabic, co-author
of “Offenders for a Word” and an annual speaker at the conference.

* Larry Poulson: Researcher on Book of Mormon geography.

* Mark Wright: Mark will take a break from leading his MesoAmerican
tours with Liahona Tours and fly up to speak at our conference. We
want to thank Liahona tours for letting us steal Mark for a couple
of days.

* Blake Ostler: LDS philosopher will be participating in a roundtable
about LDS philosophy.

* David Paulsen: LDS philosopher will participating in the roundtable
with Blake Ostler.

It sounds like a great lineup to me. But my wife wants to go to BYU Education Week. Hmmm, is there any way I can go to both and still be a good father to my kids and keep my job all at the same time?

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8 thoughts on “Set aside time for the FAIR conference

  1. FAIR Conferences are about 3.8 times better than Education Week. I’m going and hope to see you there.

  2. I’ll try to be there this year. (I can’t promise though – I thought I’d be able to attend all the SMPT and only made it to half a day)

  3. I want to attend this year, but I have to convince my wife to let me go. 🙂

    She will be attending Women’s Conference at BYU in May, so perhaps she might be a bit agreeable to me going in August!

  4. Is Brant Gardner’s Book of Mormon commentary in print now? I’ve been loving the online version for years.

    Great lineup. It does tempt me to travel to Utah.

  5. Mike Parker, it would be great to meet you. Let’s see if I can get away to Utah and still keep a good marriage and a good job (in that order).

  6. I think FAIR could use some new contributors. I think FAIR does some unintended harm to the cause, by some of the approaches they take. I’d love to be able to go, to express my views.

    In the past, the articles on FAIR have in effect discredited the Prophet in order to try and save the rest of the religion in people’s eyes. FARMS has done this too. I personally would stand by the Prophet’s teachings, and if people don’t like it, try and satisfy their concerns in some other way than saying the Prophet was leading the people astray.

    Can anyone attend?

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