Newt and History

So, when it comes to Newt failing to get on the Virginia ballot, which  seems to be the better history model:


1. Newt’s Model:  it is like Pearl Harbor, where Newt was caught unawares

2. Mitt’s Model: it is like the  “I Love Lucy Show”, where Newt is in the chocolate factory doing the Lucy thing.

From the Tally in the comments, we’ll determine whether Newt is a real historian, or just a salamander that walks on two legs….

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10 thoughts on “Newt and History

  1. I don’t know if it’s either of your choices. It seems like he did get enough signatures, but enough were disqualifed per The Commonweath’s wacky election laws, which ment they were really the Ants and the Grasshoppers, not putting enough food away for the winter. You would think they would have worked harder to have more than enough signatures to qualify.

  2. I think Pearl Harbor is way over the top as a comparison—I’m not feeling even a percent of the sympathy for Newt that I feel for those attacked at Pearl Harbor. But the caught unawares/unprepared part is apt. Everyone and I mean everyone was saying that Newt was “just running for Sec of State,” and then bam! he’s leading the field.

  3. The thing is, if you are running for Secretary of State, you do not attack the front runner. Nor do you complain when you do not get enough votes in your own home state to be on the ballot.

    Better to sit on the sideline, not in the race, and quietly advise the top candidates. In that way, you do not confuse running for Sec of State with running for the presidency.

    IMNSHO, Newt thought he could take it on, being one of the smartest people in Washington DC, after all. But when he suddenly became a front runner, he found himself caught unprepared and, like Lucy, stuffing chocolates from all 50 states and the voters down his shirt and into his mouth….

  4. I don’t remember Newt attacking anyone until he himself became a contender. At all the early debates, he was the “wise schoolmaster” reminding everyone to play nice with each other and focus on their common enemy. That’s the time period when he was seemingly running for Sec of State. And it’s a great strategy because it puts him in the position to barter support (delegates) for a promised cabinet post, etc. He’s certainly not the first person to run for president who wasn’t really running for president.

    His unexpected jump to contender/frontrunner changed all that overnight—but, of course, a national campaign cannot change (i.e., react) overnight and so was caught unprepared. That’s how I see it.

    By the way, I’m confused by your last comment: “he found himself caught unprepared and, like Lucy, stuffing chocolates…” I thought your two models were contrasting 1) unprepared/unawares (Pearl Harbor) versus 2) farcical/unqualified to run in the big leagues (Lucille Ball). The first is an innocent but uncharacteristic mistake (the US eventually triumphs) while the second reveals one’s true and unfixable shortcomings (Lucille would never ever be qualified to work a real job). So you and I may be arguing the same side….

  5. I though that the Pearl Harbor model implied that the Virginia Republican party is the enemy and would eventually have to be nuked to remove them as a threat to American democracy.

  6. Brian,

    The difference is that Newt placed himself in the position. He was running for president. Period. He may only wanted to sell books like some others, for all I know. But that is an ingenuous reason to be up there. Either you are running for president as a serious contender, or in it so you can be a contender in 4 years (as Mitt did). At no time should someone running for president whine and complain because suddenly they were a contender.

    You’ll note that Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, etc., also did not get on the Virginia ballot, but you don’t hear them saying they were blind-sided.

    No, Newt walked into that chocolate factory months ago, fully aware that someone might turn on the equipment at any time.

  7. Newt is just running to sell books and make more money. As was Palin and just about everybody who took a job with FOX.

  8. You’ll note that Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, etc., also did not get on the Virginia ballot, but you don’t hear them saying they were blind-sided

    Santorum and Bachmann made no effort in Virginia. Perry, on the other hand, made an effort and was denied, just like Newt. His response has been to sue the state, which constitutes whining, even if it is not technically about being blind-sided.

  9. Rameumptom, 6: your comment confirms to me that we are arguing different things—and yet on the same side. (In which case, I guess my only real disagreement with you is because the analogies in the o.p. are confusing 🙂

  10. Not being able to get 10,000 signatures in a state with almost 8 million people definitely qualifies as a Lucy moment in my opinion. Same for Perry. If they can’t get organized for this, shouldn’t Republican voters be worried that they wont be organized for the general election?

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