Saints, review of Chapter 8

This chapter deals with the publication of the Book of Mormon. This is very important. While the Bible is the foundational text of Christianity, the Restored Church is founded upon both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The Bible led Joseph to the grove to pray. Prayer led to the Book of Mormon, which is the basis for priesthood restoration, dozens of revelations given to Joseph, and even the modern temple (the endowment IS in there).

As with translation, the printing process was not easy. The publisher, E.B. Grandin, insisted on having the full $3000 paid before he would print 5000 copies of the book. In today’s money, that would be the equivalent of $82,000, about $16.40 per book for printing.

Joseph worked his farm in Harmony, while Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris and Hyrum Smith oversaw the publication. To protect the manuscript, Oliver made a copy. Then he would take a few pages, enough for a day’s work, to the publisher for preparation. They would engage int he tedious work of reviewing the sheets, to ensure there were no misspellings, etc.

In one of his letters to Joseph, Oliver wrote:

“When I begin to write on the mercies of God,” he told Joseph, “I know not when to stop, but time and paper fail.”9

Even as the book was being published, it was a tool of conversion. Thomas Marsh, unsettled by the traditional Christian Churches, went in search of something better. After traveling several hundreds of miles, he heard of the Book of Mormon, and went to Palmyra and Grandin. Grandin gave him a sheet with 16 pages on it, ,which he read and took home to show his wife, Elizabeth. They both instantly believed. Continue reading

Baby, it’s cold inside

Why is it that many good movements start out well, but end up running off the tracks. Black Lives Matter, MeToo, environmental groups, political parties, and other groups often begin with good purposes, but end up one cat shy of crazy.

It’s almost like some secret conspiratorial cabal is intentionally destroying what little common sense is left in the country.

the most recent problem comes from radicals on the fringes of MeToo. Our rape culture is terrible, and I applaud those speaking out against powerful people (like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, and Bill Cosby) who abuse their power.

But placing a charming song, Baby it’s Cold Outside, written years before I was born, in the line of fire. Really?

So many powerful directions the movement could take, such as combat the woman and child sex trade (tens of millions of sex slaves worldwide). Instead, they take on Dean Martin and Michael Buble singing a popular holiday song, along with major woman singers, no less!

Why do such movements switch from truly important issues to such irrelevant actions, causing them to lose credibility. Just like PETA insisting we no longer use animals phrases in our speech (dog day afternoons, stubborn as a mule), such attacks on innocent songs can leave us cold inside. Words and actions matter, but only in the correct context. Imagining up monsters under every bed does not stop rape culture. It makes it meaningless, just as declaring every cop shooting as racist. After a while, if everything is racist or sexist, then nothing is racist or sexist.

With real issues to fight, why is so much energy wasted on such insanity? Thoreau noted that for every thousand hacking at the leaves, only one or two chop at the roots of real problems. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside ” is a leaf.