Baby, it’s cold inside

Why is it that many good movements start out well, but end up running off the tracks. Black Lives Matter, MeToo, environmental groups, political parties, and other groups often begin with good purposes, but end up one cat shy of crazy.

It’s almost like some secret conspiratorial cabal is intentionally destroying what little common sense is left in the country.

the most recent problem comes from radicals on the fringes of MeToo. Our rape culture is terrible, and I applaud those speaking out against powerful people (like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, and Bill Cosby) who abuse their power.

But placing a charming song, Baby it’s Cold Outside, written years before I was born, in the line of fire. Really?

So many powerful directions the movement could take, such as combat the woman and child sex trade (tens of millions of sex slaves worldwide). Instead, they take on Dean Martin and Michael Buble singing a popular holiday song, along with major woman singers, no less!

Why do such movements switch from truly important issues to such irrelevant actions, causing them to lose credibility. Just like PETA insisting we no longer use animals phrases in our speech (dog day afternoons, stubborn as a mule), such attacks on innocent songs can leave us cold inside. Words and actions matter, but only in the correct context. Imagining up monsters under every bed does not stop rape culture. It makes it meaningless, just as declaring every cop shooting as racist. After a while, if everything is racist or sexist, then nothing is racist or sexist.

With real issues to fight, why is so much energy wasted on such insanity? Thoreau noted that for every thousand hacking at the leaves, only one or two chop at the roots of real problems. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside ” is a leaf.



Saints book club – ch 5-6

In these two chapters, we engage in the translation of the Book of Mormon.

Martin Harris deals heavily in chapter 5. He hears about the plates, tells Joseph that he’ll pray about it, and if the story was not of God, he would fight against it. Upon praying, however, the Spirit witnessed to Martin it was true. This convinced him enough that he gave Joseph $50 to travel to Harmony PA, where there would be less risk of attacks from enemies trying to get the plates.

Still, Martin was a mixed bag. One moment hot, the next cold. He received a page of characters from the plates to take to New York City, where the well known story of Charles Anthon occurs. Given that Egyptian was not yet translated (Champollion was only then beginning his translation), Anthon proclaimed more than he really knew about the characters and their translation. Continue reading

Book Review: On Fire in Baltimore – Black Mormon Women and Conversion in a Raging City

Book Review: On Fire in Baltimore – Black Mormon Women and Conversion in a Raging City, by Laura Rutter Strickling

On Fire in Baltimore: Black Mormon Women and Conversion in a Raging City

I personally believe there are perhaps only a handful of white members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (I’m trying to follow the Pres Nelson!), who truly understand the black experience with the Restored Church. I’m one of them.

Raised in pasty white western Montana, my first real experience with black people was in the Air Force, especially when I was stationed in Montgomery, Alabama for almost 17 years.There, I spent a decade as ward mission leader and in the stake mission presidency. It was in 1987 that we decided it was time to actively proselyte among Blacks. Even though the Revelation occurred almost a decade before, no real effort was made to preach to Blacks in the stake. It wasn’t long before two of our wards each were baptizing dozens of Blacks a year.

I was tasked with being a group leader in Tuskegee, preparing it over a five month period to become a branch. In working in my ward, and throughout the stake, I experienced a level of racism I was not expecting. Continue reading

201 Temples?

Prior to today, there were 189 temples announced, under construction or dedicated. With these 12 today, we now are at 201 temples in the works!

This list, as of today, does not include the 12 announced.

General Conference guest posts

Given that the Conference talks are up within a day or so, we will not be live blogging this year. Instead, we will be blogging regarding significant talks or statements made during Conference.

We invite our readers to submit guest posts during the week or two after Conference to share which talks inspired them, and why they inspired you. Share your inspiration with us!