Nailed it

Last week my daughters (ages 7 and almost-5) and I set up to play a game of Lord of the Rings Risk. The 7-year-old rarely shares events of the day without any prodding, but as we were finally playing Risk on Sunday evening, she turned to me and said, “Today in class I accidentally called the Terrestrial Kingdom ‘Middle-Earth.’ My teacher said ‘Congratulations, that’s from Lord of the Rings!’ and gave me a high five.”

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10 thoughts on “Nailed it

  1. How in the world did you play LOTR Risk with a 7 and almost 5 year old? That takes some patience, or your kids are brilliant. Good job.

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  3. Ben — You are a rock star to be willing to try to play that game with people you love. I hate playing on anything other than the original board, and will not play with humans (haven’t tried in a very long time — I get way too emotionally invested, and am known to make obscene gestures at the computers I play against).

    This is too cool.

  4. Ben, I call foul. You should not be allowed to make a Star Wars reference in a post that involves LOTR Risk. Shame on you for crossing that line.

  5. lol. The two actually have quite a bit in common, so I see no problem with all of us using Middle Earth instead of the more boring Terrestrial Kindgom.

    There’s a LOTR Risk game? Two of my favorite things combined into one best thing. Next we’ll have pet sharks that poop pure Swiss milk chocolate.

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