Joseph Smith wins again

Yes, some conspiracy theories are real.

It really is true that the CIA was involved in killing JFK.

And it turns out that the FBI ran Twitter like its own personal fiefdom and committed 80 agents to monitoring and censoring the tweets of everyday Americans.

Yes, Joseph Smith was correct, the government has become a mob. Note: this does not mean that every person in government is a mobster or dishonest. But it is impossible not to see that the agencies we are supposed to trust — like the CIA and FBI — are becoming mobs. Yes, they are.

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4 thoughts on “Joseph Smith wins again

  1. Which is why in regards to the previous post, if Joseph Smith attended a modern LDS sacrament meeting, he would be both pleased and be disappointed. Our agreement and fidelity to the principles of the restored gospel is impressive. But the careless way we regard the threats in the world about us, and defend ourselves against Babylon is sad. Prophets of old and modern warned us of these days, and we as Latter-day saints are unprepared and especially as a church, we are incoherent in raising the Standard of Truth.

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