How to end COVID-19

I just listened to an extraordinary podcast in which the people interviewed — Bret Weinstein (PhD) and Pierre Kory (MD) — said that COVID-19 could be eradicated as a disease if at-risk people took one drug: ivermectin.

You can listen to these podcasts here or here.

Ivermectin is a relatively safe anti-viral drug that has been around for decades. It can be bought as a generic and is therefore inexpensive to administer. More than 4 billion doses of ivermectin have been administered worldwide.

Weinstein and Kory mentioned the incredible cases of New Delhi, which has virtually eradicated COVID in a matter of weeks thanks to ivermectin. Check out this graph:

You can read more about the history of ivermectin India here. Note that many states in India that did not start using ivermectin still have a massive problem with COVID.

The same thing happened in Mexico when desperate health authorities began administering ivermectin to patients. Read the history here.

The same thing happened in Peru. You can read the history here.

The podcasts makes the following points:

–More than 60 studies have been done on ivermectin and COVID, and it has been proven effective in almost all of the studies.

–Ivermectin is extremely effective in preventing people from getting COVID. Ivermectin was given to some health workers treating patients with COVID. Fifty-eight percent of the 400 health workers who did not take ivermectin ended up contracting COVID, while none of the health workers who took ivermectin got the disease.

–Ivermectin is effective at treating COVID symptoms once you get the disease. Many studies show over 90 percent effectiveness.

–Ivermectin is effective at treating “long-term COVID” symptoms. Many patients who have been sick with COVID symptoms for months reported feeling better within 12 hours of taking ivermectin.

–Ivermectin is even effective at treating symptoms from the COVID vaccines. As many people should know, there are an unusual number of negative effects from the rushed COVID vaccines, and ivermectin has been useful in treating these negative symptoms.

–Ivermectin is effective at treating and preventing the Delta variant, which is the primary COVID variant in India.

There has been a massive campaign to block the spread of information about ivermectin. If you have not heard about its success in treating COVID, it is probably because social media companies and the mainstream media have been working to actively scrub this information from the internet. If you cannot get information on ivermectin when you use a Google search engine, you may want to try the search engine I use, Duck Duck Go, which does not block results as much as Google does.

Weinstein and Kory report that stories indicating the success of ivermectin have been scrubbed from Youtube, Facebook and many other platforms, including even Dr. Kory’s congressional testimony on the subject, which you can watch here.

Why would these media sources collude to block information on an inexpensive, effective drug that could treat COVID? I am sorry to say that the answer is easy. Follow the money. The COVID vaccines have not been approved by the FDA and are only being provided on an emergency basis. And the only way that these vaccines could be provided for emergency use is if there is no other drug that can prevent COVID on the market. Ivermectin can treat and prevent COVID. Therefore, all of the drug companies that are making billions off of the vaccines have a huge incentive to prevent news getting out about ivermectin.

Skeptical? Good. We need more skeptical people, not the milquetoasts who blindly follow whatever the medical establishment tells us to believe. Be skeptical. But before you can be skeptical about ivermectin on this post, you will need to listen to the podcasts I linked and watch the congressional testimony of Dr. Kory, which I linked above. All of the concerns regarding ivermectin are addressed in the podcasts. So, if you want a comment on this issue to be published on this blog, you will need to listen to the podcasts first. I will be able to tell if you have not listened to the podcasts, because they are extremely thorough and cover all of the concerns that have been raised about ivermectin, which may very well be a miracle drug and the solution to the pandemic.

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    Here is an interesting review of all the studies that have been graded as at least reasonably reliable. It points out that the drug is best at reducing deaths of the already infected rather than preventing infection. But anything that is medically safe and has positive effects needs to be made a part of the arsenal used against this epidemic.

  2. I have already had to delete a few comments. Reminder: don’t bother commenting your skepticism on ivermectin until you listen to the podcasts, which answer all of the questions I have seen on this issue.

  3. Geoff, The data certainly appears to show that Ivermectin has remarkable benefits in both prevention and management of COVID. Thanks for illuminating this issue. And, the many news articles I searched and found from main news sources showed that the more left leaning they were the more they spun the headline against its use, at least to date. Sad. Btw I had no trouble Googling the subject and getting dozens of articles in support of Ivermectin. A YouTube search also resulted in many, many positive videos for Ivermectin. And, though the left-wing media is currently biased against Ivermectin and big pharma has a monetary reason to keep Ivermectin not being used for COVID, I think your claim they are colluding with each other is dubious.

  4. KarlS, Youtube has taken down hundreds of videos praising ivermectin, but it is true there are still some out there. Joe Rogan attributes the Youtube actions to incompetence rather than malice, but he is very worried about the mounting censorship of scientific research that goes against the establishment. Please take some time to listen to the podcast. I promise you will learn something new.

  5. Absolutely loved this podcast—it was FASCINATING!!! Everyone who wants to follow the science should listen to this top expert in the field. He absolutely has impeccable qualifications and credibility, so much so that not one of his peers in the scientific community is challenging his expertise.

  6. As someone who is currently on Ivermectin I can, with full confidence, say it is a game changer. I have been in close contact with contagious Covid individuals and have been taking it as prescribed as a prevention protocol. Many, many others I know have taken their doctor’s recommended dosage as soon as they had either close exposure or were in the early stages. It stops the virus and the subsequent lung/pneumonia issues dead in its tracks.

    Along with Ivermectin, vitamin D and zinc have been wonderful for preventing my household from ever getting Covid this entire pandemic. I feel very grateful for modern science and this Nobel Prize winning, 30-40 year old tested drug.

    Please listen to the interview between Brett Weinstein (he’s a liberal Democrat scientist in case that helps) and Dr. Kory. Best in his field. He explains exactly how Ivermectin works with these specific viruses and it’s pretty remarkable.

  7. Thank you for shining some light on this issue. I have been following the FLCCC website for months now. My mother in law lives in ID and in January she told us that her doctor told her don’t worry-if you ever get Covid, I can cure you. I thought she must have misunderstood him or that he was crazy. Anyhow, that was how I found out about Ivermectin and I have been reading articles and watching videos since then. I wish this information was everywhere – I wish everyone knew. So I was so happy to see this blog post with these links.

    Angie-I would love to talk to you personally about your use of ivermectin. If there’s a way we could connect that would be great.

  8. Coming in late, but I thought this was super interesting and will go listen to the podcast. I use Ivermectin regularly on our animals for worms and mites. When Covid first hit there was a run on it. I was buying pour-on Ivermectin at the farm store in March 2020 and a second guy wanted it as well along with syringes. He didn’t know what size of syringe he wanted and was freaking out the sales guy and I as clearly he had no idea what he was talking about. Not longer after, the store shut down sales of it for a while so people didn’t poison themselves as they had so many non-animal people trying to buy it.

    I googled Ivermectin/Covid/FDA and only found statements that so far clinical trials show that Iver does not help with Covid, but it would be wonderful if additional studies proved that wrong.

  9. ReTx, I use the search engine “DuckDuckGo” rather than Google and when I put in the search “studies on ivermectin for covid” I get several dozen studies showing the effectiveness of ivermectin in treating COVID. Here is a typical example:

    “Meta-analyses based on 18 randomized controlled treatment trials of ivermectin in COVID-19 have found large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance. Furthermore, results from numerous controlled prophylaxis trials report significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 with the regular use of ivermectin. Finally, the many examples of ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality indicate that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.”

    When you use DuckDuckGo, the studies that come up (and there are many of them) overwhelmingly indicate ivermectin is effective and works.

    Then I put the same words in Google and the studies that came up indicated ivermectin was NOT effective.

    As in many subjects, it appears there are two views of reality being put forward.

    Given that ivermectin is inexpensive and has few side effects, it seems logical to me that doctors should try ivermectin when treating patients with COVID. There is very little to lose.

  10. There is no money to be made from an off patent drug that sells for dirt cheap. Also Big Pharma wouldn’t have been able to get their EUA for the Vaccine if an effective and cheap alternative treatment were available.

    The Evidence based medicine guys will argue that the studies for Ivermectin are small and the evidence is weak. Well it didn’t take strong evidence to force everybody to wear a mask on their face, all it took was a hope that it would do something. Same logic applied to Ivermectin? Nope

    Its criminal what they are doing, and the fact that the Church is pushing the experimental injection so hard boggles my mind

  11. Matt, I agree with most of your comment. As a COVID vaccine skeptic, I have also been trying to wrap my mind around the Church’s stance, and here is what I have determined:

    1)The Church favors vaccines in general and has done this since at least the 1970s. There were many vaccines that were literally miracles (polio, smallpox, etc). The Church encourages people to take vaccines in general because of this.

    2)The Church also encourages personal choice on vaccines. So, the guidance is (to summarize): A) people should be vaccinated but B)people should do their own research. I see no problem with that when it comes to the COVID experimental vaccines.

    3)The Church’s primary mission is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church’s primary purpose is NOT to provide advice on health. The Church cannot afford to be known as the “anti-vaccine church” in this day and age.

    4)COVID vaccine skeptics cannot deny that the vaccines, even if they are experimental and not safe for many people, have helped open up society, gotten us back to near-normal in the chapel and helped bring about the reopening of temples. So, overall the vaccines have had a positive effect on society and the Church, even if you believe as I do that there will be many negative health consequences down the road from these experimental vaccines.

  12. Geoff thanks for the reply, you bring up some really good points that I agree with for the most part, however it starts to get a little tricky when the Church starts mandating vaccinations for the MTC and BYU Hawaii etc. That is counter to what you bring up in point #2

  13. Matt, completely agree. Those are tough ones. I have three young men preparing for missions, and the news that vaccines are necessary for the MTC was a huge shock for me. If there is anything we should agree on, it is the vaccines are unnecessary for young people. Even the WHO says young people should not get vaccinated for COVID! As in all cases when the Church does something we don’t understand, I think this is just something we need to put on a shelf and revisit down the road. My prediction is that the guidance will change, but that is no help for young people taking the experimental vaccine today. The majority will of course be fine, but there are definitely concerns long-term about these vaccines, especially for young people (who don’t need them in the first place). The Church is still true even if it occasionally does things like this that we don’t understand and/or agree with.

    (I am reminded of my conservative friends struggling with the Church’s pro-immigration stance and my libertarian friends struggling with the Church’s stance against pot legalization. Our faith will always be tested, and this is the test for the vaccine skeptical).

  14. My husband and I had full exposure to Covid in the home of my sister and her family and we never got it. When I say full Covid exposure for two weeks, they were coughing and thought it was allergies but it ended up going into Covid-induced pneumonia. We owe our not getting it to the Critical Care Alliance protocol of vitamin D, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin c and melatonin, etc. My sister was hospitalized overnight and we got her on ivermectin right away and she was off oxygen within days and recovered in a week from double pneumonia. From what I understand, Ivermectin prevents the virus storm from starting (preventative protocol which my husband and I are on) and 2) the virus storm from lasting so long (hospital/at home protocol).

    This shows a two-pronged approach, particularly in light of the extensive research and experience by the FLCCC alliance. We followed this:

    Note on Ivermectin: find a doctor who isn’t getting funded to push vaccines and who will prescribe this incredible drug. The FLCCC alliance has approved doctors who will do telemed visits and prescribe it in pill form.

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