#GenConf: M* not live-blogging

In the past, General Conference was broadcast, but you had to wait for days before you could get the video and transcripts.

I’m pretty sure this past conference the content was being made available while I was attempting to live blog. At any rate, when we asked each other about live blogging this time, we collectively didn’t feel the effort met a need, given how rapidly the content is now available at lds.org.

Even though we’re not live blogging this weekend, feel free to comment as you react to the sessions this weekend.

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27 thoughts on “#GenConf: M* not live-blogging

  1. A new balance between gospel instruction in the home and Church. The Sunday meeting schedule will be adjusted in the following ways starting January 2019.

    60 minute Sacrament Meeting focused on the Savior.

    50 minute class alternating between Sunday School (1st and 3rd) and Priesthood/Relief Society (2nd and 4th), with 5th Sundays under the direction of the bishopric.

  2. The Church was true with a three-hour block. But it is even truer with a two-hour block! Emphasis on Savior and scriptures. So looking forward to a new youth program.

  3. I love the way this change was handled. I had guessed that the shift would involve shortening Sacrament meeting to 60 minutes and that Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society would alternate (with 5th Sundays being as they are now).

    I hadn’t foreseen the shift in emphasis, or how this in effect transforms the homes of those who choose into chapels of devotion. That is cool.

  4. Any afternoon announcements? (I can’t listen in, but I can check blog updates. Any live blogs elsewhere?)

  5. Hi Robert,

    No big changes in the afternoon, aside from the release of Seventies to emeritus status and Area Seventies at the end of their respective terms.

    Good talks, though! Elder Soares is talking about the two sources of the Amazon, how these two streams eventually blend, comparing that to how members of the Church come together as a powerful force for good, despite their disparate sources.

  6. In a cute moment, Elder Uchtdorf spoke of the different terms considered for what we currently call ministering. He said shepherding was one term discussed, resonating with the idea that Christ is the Good Shepherd, that we, in His name, are caring for His flock. But then he pointed out that were this to have been selected, it would have made him a German shepherd. So he said he is content with the term ministering.

  7. So President Nelson has challenged the women to engage in a ten day fast from social media and other media that is harmful to our ability to feel the spirit of God.

    In this vein, I’ve quite enjoyed unroll.me, which allows me to vastly simplify the way I interact with “subscriptions.” I was able to put my social media stuff in that category, so have been able to minimize the noise social
    media makes in my life.

  8. I keep leechblock on my phone and laptop. It controls how much time I’m allowed on cert sites. Works beautifully to limit my internet browsing/social media to 45 minutes a day, only after noon. I can’t recommend it enough.

  9. I was hoping that President Nelson would provide some clarity on what we can use for organizations that have been known as “Mormon.” My personal interest is what I might suggest for the Mormon Choir of Washington. Now that the Tabernacle Choir has changed its name, the pressure is on for our smaller group to select a new name. So we’ve been waiting for Conference in hope of obtaining greater clarity. And I feel there is more clarity that retaining the MCW name isn’t going to be appropriate going forward. But it’s still unclear what name options are to be preferred going forward.

  10. Style guide: When referring to Church members, the terms “members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” or “Latter-day Saints” are preferred. When a shortened reference is needed, the terms “the Church” or the “Church of Jesus Christ” are encouraged.

    Latter-day Saints Choir of Washington?
    Church of Jesus Christ Choir of Washington?
    Latter-day Angels/Angelic Choir of Washington?
    The Washington Tabernacle Choir?

  11. Bookslinger,

    The word “evangelical.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

  12. OM,
    I mean it in the sense that he came close to, and in some parts duplicated, the delivery style or oratory style of preachers in the Evangelical movement/branch of Christianity. So maybe I should have capitalized evangelical,

    There were parts where he was very emotive, not in the sense we normally call “emotional”, not maudlin, but used oratory techniques in a dignified way that conveyed the proper “feel” beyond the mere intellectual meaning of the words.

    Yes, he had the Holy Ghost attend and attest to his words. But I am referring to his speaking/delivery/oratory techniques, such as cadence and build-up, and the -soul- he put in his delivery.

    As Elder Maxwell was a master of word-craft, Elder Holland has a somewhat similar command of words, but is also a master of delivery.

    During Elder Holland’s talk, I was saying to myself, “Preach it, brother!”

    I would suppose that our brethren in Evangelical, Southern Baptist, and similar churches would be fans of Elder Holland’s style of delivering a talk.

  13. I had to work so I wasn’t able to watch all of conference but my general impression is that this was a ‘call to repentance’ type of conference rather than a ‘great job everybody’ type of conference. I think we’ve got our work cut out for us to improve and become the people the Christ wants us to be when he comes again.

  14. My recollection was that this was a conference where we were assured that God loves us. If there was any calling to repentance, it might have been along the lines of being more loving ourselves.

    It only takes a moment or two to read the titles of the talks:


    I recommend all of the talks. I was particularly enlightened by Elder Ballard’s talk regarding the circumstances leading up to Joseph F. Smith’s receipt of the revelation regarding the great work amongst those who have passed from this life.

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