Conference prep — what do you expect from General Conference?

April 2018 conference was big. Really big. Lots of changes. What are we all expecting for General Conference this weekend?

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7 thoughts on “Conference prep — what do you expect from General Conference?

  1. I have suspected that conversations like that have happened in Salt Lake for quite some time. 🙂

  2. A two hour block – two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Similar to the good old days.

  3. Whether the rumors or true or not it will be interesting. Different kinds of interesting, but interesting never the less.

  4. Oh dear, sorry, wrong video. Here is the correct one. (moderators, feel free to delete the above video if you like)

  5. As for oblique references to General Conference in unrelated matters, see the Bloomberg article on How China used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate America’s Top Companies.

    The precursor to Amazon Prime Video was Elemental, which the LDS Church backed early on to improve broadcasting conference and other content to local congregations. Elemental’s other early backers were in the porn industry.

    The Chinese spy chips were reportedly first located during Amazon’s scrutiny of Elemental’s servers during due diligence third-party investigations prior to acquiring Elemental to start Prime Video.

    China wasn’t spying on General Conference or porn. They were likely hoping to snag stuff associated with military video transmissions (contracts Elemental won after getting the LDS Church and porn funding).

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