Fauci, the sad little man

Watch it before Youtube takes it down again.

One of the most brilliant protest songs ever.

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2 thoughts on “Fauci, the sad little man

  1. I’ve already gotten a few complaints about this post, and the people complaining are the type of people who are wrong about almost all subjects, so it is no surprise they are wrong about this.

    Anthony Fauci is a mass murderer and a dog torturer. This is actually beyond dispute.


    In addition to the above, Fauci is guilty of tens of thousands of deaths for deliberately suppressing information about other potentially life-saving anti-viral drugs for COVID like ivermectin, all so he can push much more dangerous vaccines promoted by Big Pharma.

    Fauci may be one of the most evil people of our times, so, no, any making fun of him on these pages does not go nearly far enough.

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