Dilbert has his food storage. Do you?

It seems that Dilbert has readied for the upcoming economic collapse with food storage, etc.


original link: http://www.dilbert.com/strips/2011-07-31/

First, are you ready for any unexpected economic events?  Even being laid off for a year can be eased by having food storage and money in the bank.

Second and more importantly, what is your plan for keeping Alice and other marauders from taking your stuff in case of a major disaster?  Do you have claymores set up in your yard? Have you dug a moat?  Have you worked it out with your neighbors to help one another defend the neighborhood from outsiders? Do you have a large supply of white surrender flags?  Or do you have extra supplies to buy them all off?

Of course, do you have enough to trade for items you may need?  Will salt be a major economic item? If so, will you sell the little packets of salt you snitched over the years from fast food chains to those needing a daily dose of iodine?

Chemical gear?  High powered assault weapons?  Trapping equipment so you can catch squirrels and rodents for meat? Or is your hefty next door neighbor on the emergency food list?

Come on everyone!  Are you as ready as Dilbert is? Or are you gonna be the ones breaking in to get Dilbert’s goods?



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16 thoughts on “Dilbert has his food storage. Do you?

  1. Rame, it’s funny, I never read the comics these days but by pure accident I saw this Sunday and thought how food storage is now becoming mainstream. I’m teaching the kids how to main the machine gun nest on the roof, but they keep on complaining it’s too hot up there. When the zombies attack, they will seriously need to suck it up.

  2. Just remember to teach the kids to shoot instinctively. Zombies are looking for brains. If your kids do not have any brains, they will be safe.

    Personally, I think if things get that bad, the bishop will just ask us to bring everything to the chapel for the ward to protect and distribute as needed among the members.

    We have actually gathered so much storage over the years, that I think we have enough for 8 years worth. So I can bargain and trade for lots of stuff, if needed….

  3. After my underground lair was completed and stocked, I killed the workmen and deliverymen so that its existence would remain a secret. If you’re reading this, I’ll need to do something about you too.

  4. John, I didn’t read your comment about killing anyone who knows about your secret storage, so you can skip killing me.

    SilverRain, how do you know that angels don’t have to also have their food storage? If this is your plan, and you are still here when the collapse occurs, could you just tell all the marauders that we’ve moved our storage over to your house? Then, while they are killing you so you can be an angel, we can set up our weaponry, etc.

  5. It’s fascinating to me how much food storage, preparation, and self reliance can be found in the scriptures when you look for it. It’s also fascinating that one of the first places we see it in the BoM is in 1 Nephi 16:11, where not just a couple laters after Nephi talks about how prepared they were with every needful thing, diaster strikes (Nephi’s bow breaks, Laman and Lemuals loses their spring) and they can no longer get food and are starving. Something about the best laid plans of mice and men….

    This is not a suggestion that we shouldn’t be prepared, but these we ought to have done not at the expense of the other — being reliant on the Lord no matter what comes next.

    I’ve long had this same conversation as the one in the comic with myself, regarding catastrophe and food storage, so I certainly have my share of defensive weaponry to protect my family. But it’s probably more likely that I’d use it to hunt than against another person, and even less likely that I’d have to use it to hunt than just for fun target shooting. I’m pretty sure I won’t shoot anyone trying to take my food, and I’m not even sure I’d shoot someone trying to take my life. But I wouldn’t hesitate to use force to protect my children, spouse or my neighbor. I can decide my own fate, but I’ll fight for their right to continue excerising their own right to life.

  6. ram—By all means. Mi casa es su casa. You probably wouldn’t need much weaponry. My yard comes with its own traps and man-eating morning glory. But good luck fitting everyone in. 😀

  7. “where not just a couple laters”

    change to

    “where not just a couple verses later”
    I really need to proof read.

  8. In one of the Little House books, Almanzo Wilder and his brother store grain behind a false wall during a long, hungry winter. Pa Ingalls figures out that the inside of the building doesn’t match the outside and talks Almanzo into selling some.

  9. Chris, perhaps you need to add a few more “verses” to your storage. You never know when you’ll need a spare….

    John, If Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote it, it must be doctrine…. However, I don’t recall that one in any of the episodes on TV. I do recall them having a winter storm for Christmas that sealed them inside the house. Charles had to climb out the upstairs window to the barn to collect the gifts. So perhaps we should add Christmas gifts onto the list of storage items we have?

  10. My plan, of course, is to hide out in Ned Flanders’ bomb shelter.

    You’re probably right about the bishop asking for items to be consecrated during an emergency, but this reminds me of a very well prepared man in my ward who, when asked if he’ll volunteer to give his food storgae to the church, says, “Sure, I might as well. My house has more windows than I have guns, so I can’t defend it all anyway.”

  11. I think the concept is: those in Zion who will not work, will not eat. So, given all the members who have not prepared, THEY can move the storage if they want the bishop to pass some out to them later….

  12. Funny they’re talking while drink thir coffee. It’s a national concern.

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