Dear Ivanka

Dear Ivanka,

You seem like a very intelligent woman. You are a successful businesswoman, mother, and now policy wonk.

For those of us who voted #NeverHillary and #NeverTrump, but are willing to give your Father a fair shake as president, we ask for your assistance on an important issue.

Please take President Trump’s Twitter account away from him. You are his daughter. I’ve heard he listens to you and your husband.

Yes, we need a president who will drain the swamp. However, we do not need a president that will refill the swamp with his own swill. While some of his tweets are mildly entertaining, most are making the important office of POTUS look like the “Cash me outside” girl episode from Dr Phil.

I see your father do competent things, like reducing regulations and nominating conservative judges, and I applaud him for these things. But when he threatens Comey or tweets some of his other outrageous and off the wall things he does, I wonder what are we doing with this kind of guy in the White House? How can I sleep at night, knowing he has his finger on the pulse of the entire world. Will he tweet something about some world leader that leads to war?

So, Ivanka, please do us all a favor and take away your Dad’s Twitter account. Our country hired him to do a job. No one hired him to be a crazy, senile old man that writes insane things while sitting on the toilet at 5 in the morning.



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  1. Taking away his Twitter account won’t do anything to change his basic nature; it will go a long way to hiding that nature from us, however.

    “You’re” his daughter. You’re welcome.

  2. #nevertrumpers still do not understand that Trump is not your general run-of-the-mill president. I agree that he is different and that he likes to tweet, but in 100 days he has accomplished more positive things than Obama did in eight years. He certainly has done more good than Hillary would have ever done. Your post sounds much like the same things that demos are saying and shouting. Trump is not senile or insane, he’s just being businessman Trump and likes to get things done asap. Signing your letter “America” to Ivanka assumes that all America agrees with you. It is not so.

  3. I actually think it’s great that Trump has a Twitter account. Say what you want about his tweets, I like the fact we actually know what he’s thinking and don’t have to read between the lines of a written statement or prepared remarks. I only wish every other elected leader were just as transparent.

  4. Paul Wilson, I’m curious. What has Trump accomplished in his first 100 days? Please do not include rounds of golf or Executive orders.

  5. Trump has done some good things, as well as questionable things. Paul misunderstands neverTrumpers who are true independents. We are giving he m a chance to show himself as he claimed prior to the election. He said he was sooo conservative and would be sooo Presidential.
    He is sometimes conservative (Gorsuch) and sometimes not (attacking Freedom Caucus on RyanCare).

    On acting presidential, I’ve seen him do some speeches or actions that were very presidential, only to wipe away all that good work early the next morning on the pot.

    He is as inconsistent on these things as Maxine Waters is on whether Comey should have been fired.

    I want a president I can respect and trust. If I wanted a clown, I would want Bill Murray. Now there’s a professional clown!

  6. Most #nevertrumpers are establishment backers and therefore not to be trusted. We know that especially looking at those that voted for Mullins or backed other losers or worse, voted for Hiltlery. I still don’t understand the “clown” reference to Trump. Clowns tell visual jokes, look strange in their costuming and makeup, but are generally harmless. I also do not recall him saying he is “sooo conservative or sooo presidential.” When did you hear him say that?

  7. Recalling from memory…….

    Trump is : trying to protect and restore the Constitution, removing illegal alien gang members, protecting law enforcement, trying to bring back law and order, going after illegal drug trade that certain departments in the United States government has aided, the stock market has performed at its highest since FDR, consumer confidence is rising, over 200,000 jobs added, the GDP going up – expected to go over 4.3%, rebuilding military, confronting North Korea, instead of aiding and arming ISIS like the last fake administration and certain traitor Senators and others,Trump is actually going after ISIS……working with Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to deal with Syria and other Middle East issues, trying to protect the country from terrorist attacks but Commie Liberal judges using personal ideology instead of laws to hurt America, working with China – China buying natural gas and coal from U S A. and allowing U S. beef to be imported into China, making bilateral trade agreements with many countries that help America instead of screwing over America like the past administrations/Congress/Senate have done the past 30 years, Congress actually overturned 14 Obama destructive regulations, looking into election and voter fraud, working on fixing the Veterans Administration Health Care Agency after years of abuse/corruption/ needless deaths and chitty care of military people, trying to stop the bleeding of wealth and jobs from America, small businesses have positive outlook for first time in over 30 years, getting rid of choking regulations that hurt businesses, trying to stop the country from descending into Totalitarian Communism, and so much more.

  8. Excellent list of accomplishments! Many thanks! Perhaps some of our #nevertrumpers should read your list. I liked the fact that he dropped a MOAB on the bad guy’s caves in Afganistan and eliminated many. Obama did nothing like this in eight years.

  9. Trump isn’t a problem, per se. He’s a symptom of a much larger problem–a cancerous cult-of-personality executive branch that’s been slowly corrupting and devouring the powers that should check and balance it. So I welcome Trump and all his madness. The less faith and trust people put in the presidency, the better.

  10. Trump is better than Obama in many ways, and worse in others. While he has done some good things, he is NOT trying to restore the Constitution.
    For far too long, America has suffered from idol worship whether Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the left, or now Donald Trump on the right
    To return to the Constitution would mean vastly reducing government and the power of the presidency Trump is making the role bigger, not smaller
    When he says or tweets outrageous things, it may please his followers, but it disrupts the rest of the world.
    With Reagan, nations knew what to expect and he freed billions from the slavery of communism. He was respected, and seen as one of the greatest presidents in history.
    Trump could be great, except he puts himself and his ego before all else. He risks destroying the Republican party by making it radically extreme in language if not action also. He could be a great defender of freedom, but often veers towards fascism.

    Beware of idol worship. Only Christ and righteousness can save our nation. The false gods of Babylon cannot.

  11. Rameumptom, if you’re going to throw around words like fascism, can you provide a couple of examples of Trump’s actions that you feel meet that criteria? I only ask because it is a word that is thrown around a lot, but no one is usually able to point any actual examples of it. It usually boils down to “Trump says mean things.” I won’t defend many of the things he says, but none of it is actually fascism.

  12. Fascism is a form of totalitarian government (in it’s purest form) wherein govt and business collude to rule.
    That Trump has his son in law helping him control govt, while his sons run his business sounds like a form of fascism.
    Government should protect the free market, but not manipulate it nor the businesses engaged therein. Trump has personally arm twisted companies into his compliance.
    His treatment of the press, how he fired Comey, etc, also suggest fascist tactics.

  13. President Trump is not a fascist. He does appear to be monumentally unprepared for the role of President and leader of the free world, as reaction to the firing of FBI Director Comey, and his off-the-cuff exposure of highly classified information to a room full of Russians has shown. I fully agree that we have serious problems in Washington, but the reality is that if you are going to “drain the swamp,” you had better know how it currently works, or you will get blocked at every turn.

    The idea that government can be run like a business is proving to be extremely difficult to implement, and that by constitutional design of checks and balances. What most people are claiming as fascism is merely Trump and his closest advisors attempting to implement what they perceive as a benevolent autocratic leadership.

    As to the accomplishments of his first few months in office, very little in the way of deregulation has actually been accomplished. ICE agents, emboldened by the administrations rhetoric, are pursuing their duties, but in isolated cases are overstepping their authority. No money has been budgeted for the Wall, which in he interest of full disclosure I think is pragmatically impossible, and a fiscal sinkhole of potentially horrendous proportions. His executive orders have been blocked by the courts, his legislative agenda is completely blocked by the continuous flow of bad news coming out of the White House. The House version of the FHCA to replace Obamacare is not going anywhere in the Senate, and will ultimately preserve most of the features in the ACA that people are finding attractive (coverage for pre-existing conditions, allowing children to stay on their parents insurance until age 26, etc.). Most of our long-time allies are wondering what has happened to us as a nation. So to say that he has accomplished more in the first 100 days, well, that may be true, but only in the sense of unintended consequences.

    I was no fan of Secretary Clinton. We had a bad choice either way, and now we have to live with it. If we believe the worst about President Trump, then he is attempting to establish kleptocracy at a global level. At best, he would be able to help a Republican majority advance their conservative agenda. In reality, we are watching the most uncomfortable episode of on-the-job training I have ever observed, and so far it looks like he is resistant to that kind of learning. Tweeting does seem to be a big part of the problem, as it frequently contradicts what his aides and advisors are saying. So, yeah, it would be really great if he dropped the whole Twitter obsession. It does him no good, despite his obvious delight in the numbers of followers he has.

  14. The listing of Trump’s alleged successes is interesting, but likely irrelevant. There is much more to political leadership than making ideologically-based decisions.

    With the naming of a Special Counsel today, disturbingly low levels of trust in vital public institutions and Trump’s plummeting approval rating (the lowest of any U.S. President in the 20th or 21st centuries at this point in their career), we are looking at a real political crisis in our country.

    If any portion of the Russian scandal proves true, I seriously doubt that Trump has the ability to refocus the country’s attention on a positive trend (as Nixon attempted to so with China during the Watergate investigation or Reagan successfully accomplished did with his apology for the Iran-Contra Affair and powerful speech at Brandenburg Gate). I have seen no indication Trump possesses that type of statesmanship. He has shown the tendency to engage in black-white thinking and employ very negative political tactics. I believe this may prove so divisive in the long-term that it could increase social and political tensions in this country and/or lead to the end of the Trump Presidency.

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