Congress to destroy Internet freedom?

Here’s more possible government over-reach.  Lobbyists for the Hollywood industry have pushed for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which would allow them to get ISPs to shut down any and all suspected sites that support piracy.

The way it is worded, if a person on a share site tried to illegally distribute or sell intellectual property, the whole site could be shut down. It doesn’t matter if thousands of others on the site were just sharing baby pictures, all would lose access.  There are no ‘due process’ nor ‘freedom of speech’ exceptions, etc.

Here’s an article on it today

Keep an eye on SOPA. If it starts to get legs in Congress, we’ll all need to call our elected officials and hope they still represent us and not Hollywood.

And this is another reason why federal government should only be there to protect our basic freedoms, and not the desires of lobbyists and big corporations.

As it is, there already are protections for the industries.  They should take the individuals to court, and have the courts order the shut down of only the law breaker, not everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Congress to destroy Internet freedom?

  1. They are attacking everything that has to do with freedom and twisting it to suit their interpretation of it. If it’s not for them or their pocketbooks they destroy it.

  2. We have got to get more millennials in the senate and in the congress. All millennials born in 1982 will be 30 next year and able to run for the senate. All millennials born between 1982-1987 will be at least 25 next ye

  3. All millennials born between 1982-1987 will be at least 25 next year and able to run for congress. We have to get more millennials in political office or things will get worse and worse. It would also be a good idea to get people born in the late 1970s or 1980 and 1981 into office as well. Nevermind the party. The younger the politician the better. If you can’t run, encourage young Americans to run, and vote for the youngest person on the ballot. There is also a new political party called the Millennial Party. Check it out on Facebook.

  4. Martakami,
    So you think that putting a bunch of young people in office will fix the problem? What if voting for the youngest person on the ballot results in electing a bunch of renegade socialists, or worse?

    After all, Barak Obama is a very young president, and while beloved 4 years ago by the young, he has shown he is not a leader, and not capable in bringing people together to rule the nation.

    There is a lot more to running a nation than ensuring the Internet remains free. And just because people are young, does not mean they would keep it free. Young people may choose to embrace a radical agenda, controlling the very lives of those they should represent. It has happened in other nations, such as with the Bolshevik revolution, Hitler Youth party, and Chairman Mao’s youth revolution.

    Now, had you suggested we go for term limits, I would agree with you.

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