2 thoughts on “Come Follow Me – James

  1. James is my favorite NT letter. I especially love Tyndale’s translation: “Faith without deeds is dead.” Deeds is a much better word than “works” in the context of the phrase. After all, “works” has caused much conjecture over centuries as to what the word “works” really means. Deeds clarifies the statement much better. To do good deeds is to do something beneficial for others without any expectation of reward. To me, it means to be a good minister to others in need.

  2. Paul M. Wilson,
    Thanks for sharing the Tyndale translation.

    Our family just read that chapter in James last night and, as I had done before, noted that the verses made more sense if the word “deeds” was substituted for “works”. My intent was to disassociate the “works” in James from the “dead works” or “works of the law” in the writings of Paul we have studied recently.

    It is nice to know that Tyndale used that exact word.


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