Christmas traditions – what’s Yours?

Christmas traditions are a wonderful past time.

Being empty nesters, some of our traditions have changed, but we still enjoy many modified ones. We now go to our daughter’s home for Christmas dinner. But we still enjoy seeing Christmas lights, movies, and music.

What are some of your traditions?

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5 thoughts on “Christmas traditions – what’s Yours?

  1. On Christmas Eve my family reads The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, with each of us taking a turn reading aloud.

  2. We do Advent each of the 4 Sunday’s preceding Christmas, reading the nativity story from the second chapter of Luke the first Sunday, the story of the shepherds the second Sunday, the story of the wise men (from Matthew) the third Sunday, and the story of the new star appearing in the land from the Book of Helaman on the fourth Sunday. We light the appropriate number of candles in our Advent wreath, take turns reading, and then extinguish the candles after our family prayer. On Christmas Eve, we read all four accounts again, lighting the fifth candle in the center of the wreath. Very simple, but we do it every year, & have for decades.

  3. My kids love that I continued the tradition of candy making started by my mother. Both fudge and peanut brittle invite family involvement. The fudge is beat with a paddle once cooled on the stone slab we bring in from the garage each year and place at the end of the counter. It begins with a taffy consistency then slowly thickens and lightens in color as it is beat until it sets hard. Once allowed to complete cool it is kneaded to achieve its final creamy smooth state.
    Peanut brittle is poured on the slab at 310 degrees, spread and turned quickly, and then with butter slathered hands pressed and flattened. This is done with quick motions (slaps for the tender) alternated with lifting the hands and rubbing palms together. When finished our palms are a nice rosy color.
    We have other religious oriented ones but this is the fun one for family.

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