Best of M* 2013

New Year is now here.

So, which Millennial Star posts of 2013 would you consider among the best?

Meg Stout’s recent posts on JS’ polygamy have been interesting, and I look forward to the future ones.  My old friend David Larsen is also a great addition with his discussions on ancient things.

We’ve had notes from General Conferences, discussions on Obamacare, Liberal/Conservative issues, promotion of Libertarian ideals, Ordain Women/priesthood, new Temple Film,  SSA, puppet shows, social media missionary efforts, Boy Scouts, Pope Francis, Global Warming, Family Relations, CHI #2, etc.

So, what were YOUR favorite posts of 2013?

6 thoughts on “Best of M* 2013

  1. Well, since I’ve been out of it for so long, I’m going to have to vote for Meg Stout’s posts.

  2. There is a special place in my heart for Geoff. B.’s “What is wrong with Ralph Hancock’s talk at the FAIR conference?”( I’m not sure I ever heard or saw a good argument debunking Hancock’s claims against what he labels The New Liberalism — quite frankly, just more ad hominem from his many detractors (who, ironically, like to accuse him of this). As I wrote to Hancock the other day, I never seem to hear my more “progressive” Mormon friends talk about moral relativism at all. He replied: “Egalitarian ideology is the reverse side of relativism. See Beneton [“Equality by Default”]. Relativism applies to traditional moral judgment; absolute true = leveling of tradition.”

  3. As it would be silly to vote for my own series of posts [starting with A Faithful Joseph], I have enjoyed reading the other two posts.

    I’d have to go with LDSP’s discussion of companionate versus conjugal marriage. I could wish there had been a bit more discussion of why a shift to companionate marriage is even the zeitgeist of our time (given that homosexual relationships have occurred and even been celebrated for thousands of years).

    However I do love Geoff B’s defense of Professor Hancock. I know Ralph as the father-in-law to my sister, so haven’t really delved into his thoughts, despite various links forwarded by my sister over the years. It isn’t that I haven’t read his writings, just that I hadn’t appreciated why my sister loved the writings so much. And Goeff B helped me connect those dots.

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