Another Voice in the Choir

Hello. I would like to introduce myself to those who might not know me. Many do and some have strong opinions about me, but all is good. I have always considered myself a kind of rebel against the modern world in a counter-revolutionist  anti-matter sort of way. At the same time I don’t feel much different than many other active Mormons who believe in the Gospel. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and the Internet seems to magnify them in our writings.  What we write can both hide and reveal the true selves of our thoughts and feelings; reader beware and writer be cautious.

I was born, raised, and currently live in Idaho with a few years outside the State for mission and school.  After high school I graduated from BYU-I (still Ricks College) and then BYU-Provo a few years later. Between the two I spent serving a mission in Illinois. After college I was a local reporter and then school teacher. Currently I am employed with a public business.

My interest in Mormonism as more than my religious preference came when I was about Joseph Smith’s age. At home we had many books and I would read whatever we had that caught my eye. Religious titles, particularly about Joseph Smith, were among my favorite. My testimony of the Restored Gospel was solidified by the Book of Mormon, with other books supplementing my knowledge and spiritual progress. Sympathetic to the idea of “inoculation” by wide exposure to LDS Church History and Doctrine, I also think cultivating spiritual experiences with prayer and religious activity are much more potent and lasting.

My own web page is Straight and Narrow Blog where I have posted for about 7 years. I had also written for the now defunct “The Blogger of Jared” that ended when the administrators became busy with life. I would like to thank “The Millennial Star” for this opportunity to again write for a larger more established audience.

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  2. Jettboy,
    We’ve agreed and disagreed in the past. Welcome to M*. Look forward to your continued contributions in writing and commenting alike.

    I also really appreciate your “reader beware, and writer be cautious.”

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