A plea for help

I don’t normally ask for such assistance on M-Star, but felt this was a good opportunity to allow friends and members to help.

In the Indianapolis West Stake YSA branch, we have a young woman named, Deo Tari. She is from Africa, and is here on a student visa.

Unfortunately, circumstances in her native land are not good right now, and the country’s money value is collapsed.  IOW, the money she thought she had for schooling has basically disappeared.  Being here on a student visa, she is not allowed to work, so she’s in a Catch 22 situation, where she has to have money to attend school, but can’t earn it. Without assistance, she will be forced to return home, without a college degree.. Our stake president set up a Go Fund Me site for her, and many in our stake have begun to help. I would ask those who would like to help Deo, to help as much as you can.


If you personally cannot help financially, please consider sharing this link with your friends and others on social media.  She is a neat young lady, and I would love to see the Saints step in and rescue her.

Thanks in advance to all who help.


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11 thoughts on “A plea for help

  1. People on student visas are permitted to work in certain circumstances. In particular, students can apply for work authorization based on economic hardship due to unforeseen factors. Contact me directly for details–or if you want a local attorney I can try to find someone to recommend.

  2. Mark I think she tried that route and was denied.

    PEF would be wonderful, but is not designed for people to come to the USA for training.

  3. I have to say I always grate when people say of someone “she is from Africa”, “he is from Africa”. In any other continent the country would be specified. People would say “he is from China” or “she is from Germany”. It is high time that people name Ghana, Uganda or Botswana.

  4. The law appears to say that visa students can work on campus their first year… Also, the amount requested is much higher than the ldsbc websute states.

  5. LJHFS, She has to have a minimum amount to cover her entire program. Are you really nitpicking someone’s need? No one is forcing you to donate. Try having a charitable heart towards others.

  6. John, Africa is not an inaccurate or wrong term to use. Not everyone knows where Nigeria is. Besides, the Gofundme notes her country. If you have a personal issue with it, consider keeping it to yourself. The intent here is to help someone, not critique grammar.

  7. I know plenty of Nigerians who describe themselves as African. It’s not at all strange to refer to someone at European or Polynesian.

    The only junk word I can think of is African American. It’s neither a race nor a nationality, but a linguistic indicator of our discomfort with skin color.

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