My Secret Identity

In the classic Superman movie series (Superman 3), starring Christopher Reeve, we find that Superman is contaminated by some Kryptonite.  In an interesting scene, the evil Superman lands in an auto junkyard, screams, and then has his alter-ego, Clark Kent, emerge.  The two duke it out, until the real Man of Steel, his true identity, wins.

Today, we find people struggling with their true identities.  Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn.  Rachel Dolezal insists she is African American, though her white parents dispute it Continue reading

A Lenten Personal Progress – Days 18 – 24

value-faithIf you’ve been keeping up with everything, you will be half-way through your personal progress experiences later this week, on day 23.

My inspiration for putting this program together was my eldest daughter, who turned 19 without ever officially completing the personal progress program. She had done a large number of things during the course of her high school career. But when it came time to complete her personal progress, it was just too much for her to figure out.

When her younger sisters entered the Young Women’s program, though, she made custom binders for each one, giving to them encouragement and helps that might have made a difference in her day.

So my hope is that this will make a difference to others, in their day.

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The Great Apostasy and Today

Because of events, apostasy is once again a subject on Mormon minds. The archetypal source of a definition comes from what is know as “The Great Apostasy” when the Church was lost from the Earth, leaving no God given authority. It has been assumed that the death of the original Apostles ordained by Jesus and complete Hellenization of doctrine caused the downfall. This is merely a generalization and doesn’t actually help in discussion about what Apostasy is and how to avoid it occurring again. Besides, the term didn’t exist beyond the concept until years after the founding of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The explanation of how it came about was not as important for the Restoration concept as the fact it did happen. Speculation about the reasons and events leading up to this Great Apostasy were a later development. Continue reading

Discussing Marriage: Why Should We Support Traditional Marriage?

Discussing Marriage has posted a summary of all of the arguments on their site, in their newest (and likely final) installment: Why Should We Support Traditional Marriage? Eight Reasons to Support Traditional Marriage, with Answers to Your Questions

If you share anything from the Discussing Marriage project, let this be the article. Given the Supreme Court ruling that is expected later this month, we encourage all of our readers to share this article on social media, and to invite their friends to share it too.

Many thanks!

A Lenten Personal Progress – Days 11 – 17

value-faithThis weekend our family (possessed of two seminary students) came face to face with the reality that reading the entire Doctrine and Covenants (plus a few other bits) is required to graduate from the Church History course this year.

Luckily, we had been reading from the Doctrine and Covenants this year. So though we had been a bit desultory, we’d read Sections 1-50 and 76-100 by Friday night. Tallying up the amount of time it would take to listen to the other sections, we only had 7 hours of reading ahead of us…

It’s been fascinating for me to consume the Doctrine and Covenants as fast as we’ve been doing today, listening with my autistic daughter to the audio narration available in the Gospel Library app at 1.5x speed, 20 minute stints broken up by 10 minute breaks.

It has been heartbreaking, knowing the story of the individuals mentioned (particularly in Section 124), to see the glorious blessings they were promised, if only they would remain faithful. And to those with an ear to hear, there are strong warnings to those in our own day who reject the gospel and try to make it over in their own image.

I have enjoyed participating in Book of Mormon read-a-thons. I believe a Doctrine and Covenants read-a-thon would be a great experience as well (and completely doable for a single day). Certainly our own little half-the-book marathon today has been memorable.

In that light, I encourage you to continue reading the Book of Mormon, but know that if you get a bit behind, you will have “light” days where you can catch up on readings if a particular experience takes more time that you have available.

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