About Meg Stout

Meg Stout has been an active member of the LDS church for decades. She lives in the DC area with her husband, Bryan, and several daughters. She is an engineer by vocation and a writer by avocation. Meg is the author of Reluctant Polygamist, laying out the possibility that Joseph taught the acceptability of plural marriage but may have privately defied the commandment for love of his wife, Emma.

BYU Title IX Policy Updates

[Above – BYU Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault: Sandra Rogers, Jan Scharman, Ben Ogles and Julie Valentine]

Earlier this year there was sturm und drang regarding the manner in which rape victims have been treated by BYU, with the matter splashing briefly onto the national stage. On May 21, M* featured posts by me (The Relief Society might have handled it better…) and by Michael Davidson (lazy reporting on the BYU rape scandal).

I was pleased to note the story about BYU’s updated policies regarding Title IX led the most recent BYU Today e-mail, with a link to both the Q&A regarding the recommendations as well as a link to the pdf for the full report.

The main outcome was a recommendation that reporting victims, the accused, and witnesses should be granted amnesty from university discipline unless the health or safety of others is at risk. Continue reading

Guest Post: Happily Living with Eternal Polygamy

widowerBio: Abel Keogh is the author of six books who lives in fast-growing Utah County with his wife, Julie, and the requisite seven children. His books include the relationship guides Dating a Widower and The Ultimate Dating Guide for Widowers. He currently serves as the secretary of the second elder’s quorum (yes, the ward is that big). You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about Abel and his books at abelkeogh.com.


After reading Meg Stout’s review of The Ghosts of Eternal Polygamy and the comments that followed, I realized that there is little first-hand information out there from Latter-day Saints who are currently sealed to more than one spouse. Because of that, I wanted to share my story in regards in order to bring some insight, hope, and clarity to those who may be struggling with the doctrine of eternal polygamy. Continue reading

Hanoi Hannah and Reflections on Detractors

I heard on NPR this week that Trinh Tri Ngo died this past week at age 87.

In her youth, Trinh had been one of the best known propagandists of the North Vietnamese Defense Ministry. Her sweet voice was broadcast three times a day, for thirty minutes at a time. American GI’s referred to Trinh as “Hanoi Hannah”.

” ‘Defect, GI. It is a very good idea to leave a sinking ship,’ she advised her U.S. listeners in one broadcast. ‘You know you cannot win this war.’

“The North Vietnamese Defense Ministry’s propaganda department wrote her scripts, she told the Voice of Vietnam. Their aim was to degrade U.S. troops’ will to fight, and convince them that their cause was unjust.”

In our days Mormons are familiar with a similar message: “Defect, young Mormon. It is a very good idea to leave the sinking ‘ship Zion’. Mormonism is bound to fail.” The aim of this propaganda is to degrade Mormons’ will to endure, to convince them their cause is hopelessly flawed. Continue reading