Zions Bank sponsors children’s grooming event in Idaho

Zion’s Bank, founded by Brigham Young in 1873, is now sponsoring events aimed at grooming children in Idaho.

The Boise Pride Festival this weekend includes at least two events involving the grooming of young children, a “Drag Kids on Stage” show and “Drag Story Time with Gendertainers.”

Here is the link to the “Boise Pride Guide” showing that Zion’s Bank is a major sponsor, along with many other corporate sponsors, including Citi, Albertson’s and Wells Fargo.

Zion’s Bank was founded by Brigham Young in 1873 but has not been associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since the 1960s.

UPDATE: Zion’s Bank announced they will no longer participate in this event specifically because of the shows aimed at children. Kudos to Zion’s Bank.

18 thoughts on “Zions Bank sponsors children’s grooming event in Idaho

  1. Regrettably, I am not sure that unaffiliated is correct. From what I have read, the Church sold a majority stake in 1960. Can anyone confirm that the Church has no interest in the bank?

  2. Ugly Mahana, I have no inside knowledge on Church investments, but I would be willing to bet the Church has interests in more than one company listed among the sponsors of this event. Regrettably, most people with mutual funds or index funds also probably invest in many of the companies that are sponsors.

  3. Zion’s Bank is the clearing house for all tithing in the US. I don’t know if that counts. Sadly, large corporations like Zion’s and others feel like they have to participate in stuff like this as the “cost of doing business” in the modern world. Even in my small town every June the LGBT activists pressure the small businesses to display a pride icon in their front windows. A few have resisted and have been targeted for harassment. So much for tolerance, right?

  4. I miss the old days when “pride celebrations” were about the sexual choices of adults and adults only. Most of the gay and lesbian people I know also oppose the open sexualization of children that is taking place today and they see these events as hurting LGBTQ people more than helping them.

  5. If the Church of Jesus Christ associates with a cult, which LGBTQ is, then it too, will become a cult.

  6. Geoff, do you remember me being mocked here, a few years ago, for making comments that gays/etc. recruit ? Or am I imagining that?

  7. We get what we deserve.

    Kids are getting sexually transmitted diseases from their gay “parents” (we hope) merely because they are in close proximity to serial fornicators.

    We aren’t pointing out the horrors of this because we’re too polite and don’t want to be accused of being bigots.

    But there’s no doubt this and other forms of rampant immorality are destroying us. Again, we shut our mouths for the same reasons.

    Jordan Peterson would say this who were unwilling to speak up when they saw the lies being lived around them led to the horrors of the holocaust. We don’t get from here to there without too many of us keeping our heads down and going about our business instead of speaking up when we are problems.

    If we won’t be risk accused of bigots when we see children getting STDs from their adoptive parents, will risk our family getting sent to the gulag by sta standing up to a totalitarian regime? No we won’t.

    We are getting what we deserve and will get more and many will suffer so we can keep our heads down.

  8. SoG, that is good to see. Maybe the public pressure worked against Zion’s Bank?

    Book, I don’t remember that, but it would not surprise me if it happened.

  9. Everybody gets mocked for suggesting gays recruit. Examining how and why somebody decides to “be” gay is one of the great taboos of modern society. It’s supposed to just happen spontaneously, right? There’s no chance outside factors could be involved, right?

    It’s a mindboggling inversion. The only “choice” around homosexuality is denial, and that’s the wrong choice. Acceptance of and submission to the agenda isn’t a choice, it’s “accepting reality” and doesn’t require that you consciously decide anything. In that environment, choice itself becomes sin. That sounds ominously familiar.

  10. This is beyond disgusting. These people are seriously mentally ill, using children to gratify themselves. I have to wonder about the parenting ability of people who take their children to these events, also. Why?

  11. My teenage granddaughter has decided she’s trans. I’m sick, literally, she’s my first grandchild and I willlove her, no matter what. I hate these stupid pride and crossdressing contests because I don’t believe in my heart that is a decision she made on her own. This garbage is being pushed on younger children all the time. Being trans is “cool”. Sadly, it also has eternal consequences.

  12. One of the big lies of our day is that there are no effects on others when people decide to abandon traditional family models and embrace same-sex or trans activity. There is a direct effect on the parents and grandparents of these younger people, who lose the opportunity to have grandchildren naturally born on the Earth. This is one of the great tragedies of our time, so many people making personal choices that don’t allow them to naturally produce children. The effects for future generations will be devastating.

  13. From Ann Coulter:
    “In the past decade, the number of girls seeking to transition has gone up by about 5,500%; compared to 1,500% for boys, according to the Tavistock Centre, the U.K.’s only gender identity clinic for teens.”

    Another important link, Walt Heyer, sexchangeregret.com
    According to him, nearly all gender dysphoria is driven by childhood sexual abuse. Though the stats from the UK hint that “social contagion” may also be a factor for girls.

  14. I personally believe the social contagion angle, recognizing that it’s going to be impossible to know because no research will ever be truly honest about it. It’s an exercise in identity-fastening to chase clout, and would probably be something most kids grow out of. Grotesquely, the clout-chasing of the *adults* surrounding these kids has led to the rush to “affirm” kids by cutting the breasts off tomboys and getting them on hormones at 14, irrevocably altering their capacity to ever physically mature in any kind of healthy way.

    That’s the true venn diagram of this horror, where “gender-affirming care” sits in the hellish overlap of “goofy teenage peer-pressured fashion choices” and “adults who have abdicated responsibility for raising kids.”

  15. I suppose that I should do a blog on this topic, but generally there is a reason for this “gaying” and “disforming” of kids. Making it impossible to have kids is part of the plan. Other trends related to the “green movement” also have the same end goal. Since the 1970s the top agendas are to reduce the population and allow for the very rich to gather more power and property. They want to reduce the number of people who can rebel, take control of those who remain, and become the sole source of money and authority. In other words, the main goal is to return back to the days of Lord and Ladies in a feudal system. Ironically, the very thing that the population depleting black plague destroyed.

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