With Father’s Day coming up…

…my wife sent me the following quotation:

“There is no higher authority in matters relating to the family organization, and especially when that organization is presided over by one holding the higher priesthood, than that of the father. The patriarchal order is of divine origin and will continue throughout time and eternity. There is then a particular reason why men, women, and children should understand this order and this authority in the households of the people of God, and seek to make it what God intended it to be, a qualification and preparation for the highest exaltation of His children.”

Source: –L. Tom Perry, ““Fatherhood, an Eternal Calling”, Liahona, May 2004, 69-72

Feel free to discuss. Be sure to call your dad and wish him happy Father’s Day on Sunday.

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  2. seek to make it what God intended it to be
    I would find this a lot easier if I had a better idea of what God meant fatherhood to be. I have yet to find a well-articulated explanation of the balance between a father presiding over a family, and co-leading as an equal with his wife. In practice, this doesn’t affect how I treat my wife or children at all, but the lack of theoretical coherence is still somewhat troublesome. I know I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said a thousand times before, but I always think of it during the obligatory Father’s Day sacrament meeting talks.

  3. I just hate these holidays. I can’t find the right card. One that says “I’ve been unhappy with you for a long time, but you’re still very handsome and a really great guy and so far I’m good with reconciling with you, for the most part.”

  4. Peter, point well-taken. If you “preside” over the family too much, you’re a male chauvinist pig. If you don’t preside enough, you’re not magnifying your calling. Men have it harder than a lot of people think.

  5. I don’t see the presiding too much as micromanaging your family and beating down the wife. I think for most it would mean they are shorting their employment responsibilities.

    I think the take home message from the last few conferences for fathers has been to ponder and counsel with God regarding each child. Also, fathers need to talk with their children regularly in a one on one setting. This is my guess as to why, http://www.meridianmagazine.com/familyconnections/090722safe.html

  6. “It should have great meaning that of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that could be given him, that God himself, he who is the highest of all, chose to be addressed simply as “Father.””

    –A. Theodore Tuttle, “The Role of Fathers”, Ensign, Jan. 1974, 66

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