Why was a Utah BLM activist who threatened to attack Trump in the Capitol yesterday during pro-Trump rallies?

Utah BLM activist John Sullivan was in the Capitol building yesterday during the pro-Trump rallies. Here is a picture:

Sullivan was interviewed on CNN because he filmed the death of Ashli Babbitt, the US Air Force veteran who was killed by Capitol Police as she tried to climb through a broken window at the Capitol. He admitted to being in the Capitol building, but the incurious “journalists” at CNN failed to ask the left-wing insurgent what he was doing there when supposedly only pro-Trump people were in the Capitol.

More on Sullivan:

Just in case you think that Sullivan has somehow become a secret Trump supporter, here is a video of him promising “revolution” and promising to rip Trump out of the White House. WARNING: LOTS OF PROFANITY.

As I wrote this morning, the majority of people who invaded the Capitol building were Trump supporters, but what the heck was Utah’s John Sullivan doing there? Were there many more Antifa/BLM types in the Capitol building yesterday?

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17 thoughts on “Why was a Utah BLM activist who threatened to attack Trump in the Capitol yesterday during pro-Trump rallies?

  1. I have had several friends and friends of friends contact me today who were there. The rally was peaceful, there were also Antifa and BLM in the crowds that set things off.

  2. I knew many people who were there in person and they all said the same thing as Joyce said above. They sent videos from various places around the Capital and mall and it was nothing like the violence that the media is presenting. There were absolutely BLM and Antifa folks from their accounts. They could tell who they were a mile away because they were so obviously not part of the Trump supporters culture (you can dress like them but can’t talk the talk or walk the walk). They didn’t engage in the same way. There were lots, they said, as they reflected on it and looked back through their videos and pictures. Who’s to know right now though. The people who stormed the Capital were a drop in the bucket of massive crowd who came in for this.

    Isn’t it the least bit odd that people got into the Capital so dang easily when the Federal buildings in Portland were unable to be breached? You literally cannot just storm the Capital because the front doors are locked. Reporters on the ground said police let them in via some of the doors.

  3. I think the answer to your question is self-evident. A more interesting question is why ‘majority’ of the other Capitol invaders were Trump supporters–people that love the Constitution and principles of democracy.

    Hypocrisy is easy to recognize in others but difficult to see in ourselves. We could all use a little time in front of the mirror.

  4. Now, let me get this straight. Peace- loving Trump supporters were there by the thousands and a handful of Antifa and BLM folks got them to storm the capital, bust out windows and threaten and shove aside security in the process? How did they do that? Are Trump supporters really that credulous? Does anyone have the names of these crowd-controlling left-wingers?

    I can find solid evidence of right-wing activists pumping up the crowd and storming the building and hope ALL who illegally stormed the capitol are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I don’t care what their politics are.

  5. No, it was not an Antifa riot. It was a MAGA riot. That is the truth. Please, let’s be honest.

    So, it appears there was an Antifa supporter among the MAGA crowd, but it was still a MAGA riot. Please, let’s be honest.

  6. Ji, in case there is any doubt, I agree with you. From the evidence I have seen, most of the actual rioters (including the woman who was killed) were Trump supporters who got caught up in the excitement. It was a large crowd. People far from the actual Capitol building saw a peaceful gathering of people expressing their opinions, and they did not see any actual rioters. People near the Capitol building reported seeing excited Trump supporters wanting to surround the Capitol. The police apparently let them in at several clear junctures (I have not seen an explanation for that). People I trust reported to me that the most of the actual rioters were Trump supporters who felt the Capitol was the “peoples’ house.” It is true that an apparent Antifa guy started breaking windows in the Capitol building and was booed and prevented from doing damage. But, yes, the majority of the rioters were Trump supporters. Sorry to my friends who will find this statement a betrayal of some kind — I have investigated, and this is the conclusion I have come to.

  7. False-flag infiltrators and instigators are a thing. It’s been common since the 1960’s when federal agents infiltrated radical groups.

    Both in 60’s radical groups, and in 90’s militias, it was known that the “members” who agitated the most for violence were almost always “plants.”

    And, given that half the population of all political stripes has below average intelligence, it’s not impossible to influence people to do stupid things.
    All it takes is one planted agitator to get people stirred up in emotional situations. So if the violent people were not themselves direct plants (false flags), I could easily believe that _all_ the violence was fomented/encouraged by the planted agitators, even if perpetrated by the “dupes”.

    The photos of the trespassers in the offices and at the podium
    were just too picture perfect, perfectly matching the liberal idea/trope of rednecks. It was too good to be true, fitting too closely to the progressive narrative. So if not false-flags themselves, which is most likely, they had to be under the influence of the false flag agitators.

    Mob psychology is a thing. Look up Gustov Le Bon. Also see Ann Coulter’s book on it.

    To be a false-flag plant, you need to be quick-witted, smart enough to use dupes as cannon fodder (risk takers) whenever possible as opposed to risking yourself. Though as the same time, some Antifa people don’t mind getting arrested.

    Antifa and other mobbers used BLM protests as a cover. And this recent thing is no different.

    And if the deep state had a hidden hand in the summer riots, then there’s no reason it couldn’t have been in this too. It all played too well.

  8. I watched a lot of raw footage on this incident (that is, of course, banned from popular platforms.)

    Regarding the shooting scene, I thought it was interesting to watch the man in the fuzzy hat telling the crowd to calm down. He then turned around and smashed and removed the exact window that the woman climbed up to, then when she got shot, he ran. I suspect he didn’t expect his acting gig to go that way.

    I also thought it was fun to watch most the protesters be very careful not to touch anything and to boo/fight against others trying to break windows.

    I invite anyone consuming opinions/news articles, to actually watch the raw footage about what happened. You are not informed (and intentionally so) on this issue unless you do. Things are not as they seem…

    This is one:

  9. As soon as I read that poop was involved at the invasion at the Capitol, that sealed my belief in who the trespasser/rioter portion really was.

    That’s “prima fece” evidence it was Antifa/Occupy.

  10. Reasonable, non-violent people always fear that violent individuals will ruin things. As the disappointment and frustration mounted in the Trump “camp” (to which I belong), I prayed that some idiot(s) or irresponsible individual(s) would not resort to violence, vandalism, or illegal actions. The kind we saw throughout the summer, perpetrated by antifa and their followers. President Trump has condemned Wednesday’s violence.
    I am not saying either that the intrusion into the Capitol was all antifa. I regret that this happened, of course. The Democrats’ double standards are in full view. This is not only pathetic, but also very scary. I don’t know whether the kraken I am promised on youtube channels is around the corner or not. I feel strongly that the election was stolen and that no stone should be left unturned. If you watched some of the state legislatures’ hearings, it was pretty compelling and felt “right” to me as a member of the Church. In a D&C 50 kind of way. Just my personal feeling, I could be right,
    I could be deceived, or I could be wrong. Apostles condemned last summer’s violence and would no doubt condemn this week’s burst of violence, even if totally unrepresentative of Trump rallies. Just remember that since 1820, the overwhelming majority of the world has been blinded and led to believe that there is no Moroni and Book of Mormon. We can be small in numbers, ridiculed, and still be correct. I don’t believe for a minute that Ted Cruz, Giulani and Jenna Ellis are charlatans, deceived, or deceivers.That Trump just wanted this TV show to last as long as possible, for fame and fortune. He is just a man. If not a very stable genius, history will tell what he is. God will not be mocked forever, whether by the Clintons, Biden Family, or Trump if that were the case. I pray for the world and I pray for the United States of America because it has a special role in the Second Coming. I was not born here nor in the Church, so I do not take this for granted. Grateful for this platform where we try to put an eternal perspective on these things.

  11. *Correction: … since 1823 the overwhelming majority of the world has been blinded and led to believe that there is no Moroni and Book of Mormon.

  12. John Sullivan isn’t only an ANTIFA supporter. He organizes their riots…riots that caused harm/death. He was an agitator at the capitol. He made a video calling himself a Nazi killer, i.e., Trump supporters. Why do you think he was there? Only to observe? Lmao

  13. Laurent, if Trump and his lawyers, those that speak for him and OAN, Newsmax, Fox News are right, that the election was a giant fraud, that Dems and many Republicans are in on it (including the Governor of Georgia and the Georgia Secretary of State), that the US courts are in on it (including Republican and Trump appointed judges), that there is nothing to be done about it through the regular lawful challenges to elections, that democracy has now ended – then can you blame Trump supporters on Jan 6th for storming the capital and planning to stop the accepting of all the state certified results of the electoral college? Of course the evidence shows that the US courts are not corrupt, that election officials in 50 states are not corrupt. But if I was told that and truly believed it, I might be very upset and try to save my country in some drastic ways.

    Antifa thugs are course out for destruction for destruction’s sake. That is not what happened on Jan 6th.

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