Why hasn’t this 23-year-old woman ever been kissed?

(And is that necessarily a bad thing?)


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3 thoughts on “Why hasn’t this 23-year-old woman ever been kissed?

  1. I heard some teen girls complaining at nearly all the boys they know “act gay” with each other so much that the girls are wondering if they really are or there’s something wrong with themselves.

    I don’t think we or are church leaders have at idea what is coming down the pipeline.

    We can only hope this is just a “phase”, but the Trojan horse of accepting and loving, but not clearly and immediately refuting lgbtq dogma is literally destroying generations.

  2. The anxiety is normal for her. I was in her shoes, never in a serious relationship or been kissed till I was 24. She is the exception despite her good looks. I will say this is the insecurities I feel that a lot of the youth go through that requires a leap of faith.

  3. Too many are just waiting for Mr. Right to come in and sweep her off her feet. I remember a girl in my complex at BYU the summer after my mission. She was an attractive returned missionary, who had a younger very extroverted less attractive sister who was dating constantly.

    She asked why she couldn’t get dates or a boyfriend. I was a bit obtuse so I didn’t take the hint to ask her out and instead solved her problem.

    I told her she should just go sit by the pool or at a bench in the apartment common area, reading a book or doing homework. I told her she didn’t even need to put a swimsuit on.

    Sure enough, she got asked out that week and got married within the year.

    If a girl likes a guy, find excuses to hang out with him in a group and show interest.

    I suspect this girl has been waiting for Prince Charming and has ignored lots of guys that have shown interest in her.

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