What Happened to the Declaration Signers?

Growing up I enjoyed listening to Paul Harvey on the radio. His stories were always interesting and his voice was, and still is comforting.

Here is Mr. Harvey teaching us what actually happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Mr. Harvey points out that, “They were not poor men. They were not wild eyed pirates. These were men of means. They were rich men most of them, and had enjoyed much ease and luxury in their personal living. Not hungry men, certainly not terrorists, not irresponsible malcontents, not fanatical incendiaries, These men were prosperous men, wealthy land owners. They were substantially secure in their prosperity. They had everything to lose, but they considered liberty so much more important than security. They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, and they fulfilled their pledge. They paid the price, and freedom was born.”

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  1. Thank you, Joyce! I listened to this over the weekend – and really enjoyed it.

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