Welcoming Dr. Jacob Hess

Millennial Star is pleased to welcome Jacob Hess, PhD as the newest M* permablogger.

Dr. Hess is a mental health professional who is passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been blogging at his website Unthinkable.cc for several years.

Dr. Hess lives in the Cache Valley Region of Utah with his family.

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Meg Stout has been an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ (of Latter-day Saints) for decades. She lives in the DC area with her husband, Bryan, and several daughters. She is an engineer by vocation and a writer by avocation. Meg is the author of Reluctant Polygamist, laying out the possibility that Joseph taught the acceptability of plural marriage but that Emma was right to assert she had been Joseph's only true wife.

3 thoughts on “Welcoming Dr. Jacob Hess

  1. Will Dr. Hess be blogging at Millennial Star as part of his profession?

  2. Hi John,

    Not sure what you mean by “as part of his profession.”

    I think Dr. Hess intends to share posts that may include insights into medical matters that he understands better than the average lay person due to his profession.

    As with all individuals who post or comment on the internet under actual identities, what is posted or said can be seen by colleagues or others in the work sphere. I imagine Dr. Hess takes that into consideration.

  3. No, John, this kind of writing isn’t a part of my profession. It’s something I’ve always pursued in the side. Although my dissertation research was focused on antidepressants, I’m not a medical doctor (Ph.D).

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