Videos on the “Reason for the Season”

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Here are some videos to ponder the birth of our Savior and all that the Son of God did for the World.

The LDS Bible videos Nativity

Popular “The Bible” clip.

A world record musical tribute.

Children tell the Christmas story.

Another good suggestion is to watch the 1977 television mini-series “Jesus of Nazareth” extended telling of the story as part of the complete production. It wasn’t included here because of length and copyright issues, but can be found on Netflix. The Nativity portion ends with the Holy Family standing together and giving a collective “amen” to the camera.

7 thoughts on “Videos on the “Reason for the Season”

  1. I really enjoyed the kid video – as one of what would be eventually ten children born to my mother, we had enough “staff” to perform the Christmas story at home most of the years I was growing up. We didn’t speak in awesome down under accents, but otherwise the scenes were pretty familiar. The star in the kid video was hilarious (as were many of the other parts).

  2. Apparently there are a few kids videos that this religious organization has done. I am thinking they might do one every once in a while for some kind of Sunday School class. This one is my favorites of theirs, while my second favorite has some unintended subtle mixed messages.

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