Trump names Latter-day Saint as new national security advisor

Robert O’Brien was Catholic and joined the Church in his 20s. The Deseret News calls him the “highest ranking” member of the Church in the U.S. government.

As many readers know, Ezra Taft Benson was the Sect. of Agriculture in the 1950s. And there have been many Latter-day Saints in a myriad of other federal government positions.

O’Brien is close to Mitt Romney but unlike Romney is unique in praising Trump’s presidency. Some people call him a foreign policy “realist,” and other say he will be a hawk just like John Bolton, whom he replaced.

You can read more about O’Brien here.

Here is an analysis of O’Brien’s hawkish foreign policy philosophy.

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2 thoughts on “Trump names Latter-day Saint as new national security advisor

  1. A reader points out that Orrin Hatch as president pro tempore of the Senate is the fourth ranking to the president. It goes Pres, VP, Speaker of the House, president pro tempore of the Senate. Orrin Hatch was president pro tempore of the Senate from 2015 until Jan. 2019. Now the president pro tempore of the Senate is Senator Grassley.

  2. With two temps and four confirmed, President Trump is on track to have more national security advisors than any president in history (the position was created during the Eisenhower admin). Eisenhower had five. Reagan had six in two terms. Love or hate the guy, President Trump is a hard man to work for. Any bets on how long O’Brien lasts?

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