Today’s temple: Fort Collins

In Elder’s Quorum on Sunday several Church members were concerned about the contents of social media. I said, “don’t blame social media, it is just a tool. If you want social media to be better, you should post pictures of temples and quotations from prophets and the scriptures, and your social media will get better.”

So, in that spirit, here is the first of an occasional series: today’s temple. Fort Collins, my home temple in northern Colorado. Have a great day everybody!

Fort Collins, Colorado temple
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3 thoughts on “Today’s temple: Fort Collins

  1. What are people’s take on the lack of Angel Moronis on temples anymore? “About time,” or “it makes me sad”? I don’t have an opinion either way, nor do I have interest in forming one, but I’m curious about other people’s. 🙂

    More broadly, though, cleaning up your social media is *critical* if you want to be a gospel-sharing voice. You can’t rail about illuminati lizard people in one post and then invite people to church the next. Everybody has to be their own editor.

  2. I was in the Fort Collins temple this summer. This photo with light emanating is nice.

    In reponse to Lattertarian’s request, it was not so long ago that most temples did not have a statue topping a spire. A few did—Salt Lake, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Mexico City—most did not. So for me it was a little weird when Moroni’s likeness became so closely linked with the temples. I did not like when spires that had stood for decades were retrofitted with statues of Moroni. So, I view the current getting-away from the notion that every temple must be topped with a statue to be a return to normalcy.

  3. I grew up down the street from the Mesa Arizona temple. There was never a Moroni on the top, no way to even retro fit it to have such a thing. It’s ok to have them or not.

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