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Editor or Meridian Magazine said: “Editor’s Note: Nicholeen and Spencer Peck have been featured in a BBC television show called The World’s Strictest Parents—and their calm, principle-based parenting has made waves around the world ever since. Their segment of this show has been the most-watched of any. Before we featured them in Meridian, I wanted to become acquainted, so I intended to watch a ten-minute segment on Youtube as they took two out-of-control British teenagers into their home for eight days. I was so taken I watched the entire segment. If, after reading this article, you want to see it too you can access it here.Nicholeen and Spencer Peck consider themselves pretty typical LDS parents, except maybe for the fact that they homeschool. With their four children they have family prayer, family council, family home evening and family scripture study. However, their home is run by principles of self-government that are unusual enough to be causing a major stir in the United Kingdom. How did that come about?”  Read the WHOLE article here

Listen to phone interviews about the BBC experience. 

the short, 7 min. version is:

the full version is 60 min. in length:

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  1. Nicholeen-I just sat down to hear your interviews and my computer won’t link up to them :(. I enjoyed the article about you on Meridian. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing with us all your successful parenting wisdom.

  2. I changed the links. Hopefully these will be better. Sorry about a bad link. I think they were incomplete for some reason. So sorry! Enjoy!


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