This writer believes ‘Wonder Woman’ is the best representative of Biblical womanhood

Read it hereĀ and discuss below.

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3 thoughts on “This writer believes ‘Wonder Woman’ is the best representative of Biblical womanhood

  1. My plan is to get out to finally see Wonder Woman tomorrow. The article matches what I’m expecting from the movie, but I’ll wait to do any kind of fuller response until I’ve actually seen it.

  2. We finally went to see Wonder Woman on Monday night. Well done. Despite our whispers about which characters would be the “red shirt,” it turns out no one was actually a red shirt in the classic sense.

    In real life, Gal Gadot was a soldier – fairly common when one is a citizen of the State of Israel. My suspense of disbelief was helped when we learn the secret of who she is. Most superhero movies constantly violate physics in impossible ways. That happened in Wonder Woman as well, but as I said, there was a reason given that made it plausible in her case..

    The DC comic movies are much more likely to embrace overtly Christian themes, even though Wonder Woman is also claimed by the lesbian community. Or perhaps folks missed the comment about how men aren’t necessary.

    I wasn’t particularly happy with the implication that Diana slept with the Chris Pine character. But given that implication, it was one of the best “fade to black” not showing us the sex scene in the recent past.

    Nice word analysis in the linked article. Love the insights one can get from understanding the Hebrew terms.

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