The God Series: Teaching my son to pray

As I mentioned a few days ago (HERE), my essay for the series on teaching children about God, has been published. The editors of the blog titled my post, How a Mormon mother teaches her child how to pray. The link is HERE. I wrote about teaching my son to pray. How do you, or how have you taught your children about God, the gospel, and the things that Mormons believe?

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1 thought on “The God Series: Teaching my son to pray

  1. I have found the process of teaching my daughter to pray to be just that – a process. However, it’s been interesting to see how I will emphasize certain things or she will ask different questions as she gets older.

    Right now, my daughter is ten years old and I am focusing a lot in teaching by saying things like, “There’s a difference between praying and saying your prayers. Let’s do “our” best to never just say our prayers, but to really talk to Heavenly Father.”

    There are times when I need to offer an urgent prayer and seek guidance from God. If my daughter is with me during those times, I will sometimes invite her to join me, and I will sometimes tell her that I need to talk to Heavenly Father for a little while and I’ll be out when I’m finished. For us, the conversations flow very naturally and she is growing, small step by small step, in her testimony that God is indeed real. It’s a joy to see that realization come upon her during this particular season of teaching her how to pray.

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