The First LDS Online Election Poll

Here’s an early poll, so we can see who in the Bloggernacle people are most interested in voting for.  You can vote for more than one person. Only select those you actually like as a candidate.  Do not vote for someone you would vote for only under duress. Poll closes in a week.

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Gerald (Rameumptom) Smith is a student of the gospel. Joining the Church of Jesus Christ when he was 16, he served a mission in Santa Cruz Bolivia (1978=1980). He is married to Ramona, has 3 stepchildren and 7 grandchildren. Retired Air Force (Aim High!). He has been on the Internet since 1986 when only colleges and military were online. Gerald has defended the gospel since the 1980s, and was on the first Latter-Day Saint email lists, including the late Bill Hamblin's Morm-Ant. Gerald has worked with FairMormon, More Good Foundation, LDS.Net and other pro-LDS online groups. He has blogged on the scriptures for over a decade at his site: Joel's Monastery ( He has the following degrees: AAS Computer Management, BS Resource Mgmt, MA Teaching/History. Gerald was the leader for the Tuskegee Alabama group, prior to it becoming a branch. He opened the door for missionary work to African Americans in Montgomery Alabama in the 1980s. He's served in two bishoprics, stake clerk, high council, HP group leader and several other callings over the years. While on his mission, he served as a counselor in a branch Relief Society presidency.

9 thoughts on “The First LDS Online Election Poll

  1. It’s a better group on the right than we’ve had in a long time but still underwhelming. Rubies the best of the bunch and unlike most at least knowledgeable about foreign policy. But I really don’t care for many of his positions. I was really surprised how unready Rand Paul was – giving contradictory statements regularly on the same issues.

  2. That is my problem with Rand Paul myself. I know that he is loved by many of the main contributors on M*, and he is one of my top choices, but he is inconsistent. This isn’t a matter of flip flopping I don’t think. He is trying to be what his supporters think he should be, and its unnatural for him. Unlike his father, he has a moderate streak in himself that he is not trying to hide so much as suppress. His supporters want him to be a younger version of his father, and you can at times tell the stress of that is smothering. For the record I am a Ted Cruz fan because I think he is the only one who has really done something to hold back the tide of government tyranny. Not that he is perfect, but he is the best of the bunch to me.

  3. None I’m terribly excited about, a number that sicken me, and a few I would be reasonably comfortable voting for.

    I find myself giving grudging respect to Bush for voicing, in an election season, the unpleasant truth that the Social Security age must be raised. Hard to get excited about him otherwise. Perhaps I’m just tired of the Bush name and this is unfair.

  4. Although I participated in the poll I know the war has been lost. There’s no stopping the coming train wreck.

  5. How often do the numbers update? Just curious. (My votes aren’t showing up.)

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